Twelve Commandments for Healthy Eyes

Our eyes are a very important part of our body. In fact it is the mirror of the outside world. However we often tend to neglect our eyes and overexert them. This makes our eyes weak and gives rise to a host of eye related ailments. Therefore it- is imperative to ensure that our eye health is not neglected. There are many ways to keep your eyes healthy and fresh. Here we share some tips for the same.

  • Rose water should be dabbled with cotton pads around your eyes to keep them fresh.
  • Apply castor oil inside the eyelids as it is cooling.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits with fiber, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • You may put crushed raw potatoes with ice on the eyes.
  • Dark lines under the eyes show poor digestion and circulation and lack of sleep and fatigue should be rectified.
  • Mascara should be removed slowly with cotton pad dipped in oil as rough removing often causes wrinkles.
  • You must gently massage below the eyes with almond oil and avoid night creams and moisturizers too close to the eyes to prevent irritation.
  • Cotton dabbled in a decoction of tea leaves helps rejuvenate tired eyes as the tannic acid in the tea has an astringent-like effect that shrinks the swollen tissue around the tired eyes.
  • Kohl pencils kept in the freezer overnight produce neat lines and heavy cream usage around the eyes can cause congestion under the eye tissue.
  • Smoking always causes veins to pop further around the eyes, as under eye skin is thin, hence quit smoking to have healthy eyes.
  • It is important to keep your eye tested regularly and change your glasses according to your changes in vision.
  • Take a break from your computer work every few minutes and close your eyes for few minutes to refresh them at regular intervals.

These twelve tips will surely help you to enjoy good eye sight without suffering from any eye ailments.