Taking Care Of Your Skin After Swimming

You may go for swimming in chlorinated pool or a natural water body; the effects of swimming on your skin will be more or less the same. After finishing swimming you must perform the following skin care steps:

Step 1: Remove the containments: The first thing you must do after swimming is washing and showering the hair and body of yours using warm water and a soap. If you were swimming in a chlorinated pool, the chlorine stays bonded with your skin even when you come out of the pool. If you don’t remove the chemicals from your skin immediately, you might get rashes on the skin. Swimming in natural water bodies like rivers, ocean, lakes and ponds might also trigger skin diseases if the skin is not washed well after swimming. In case of natural water bodies, the skin problems are triggered by algae, salts present in sea water etc. Other than cleaning your body, you must make sure that the containments are washed off carefully even from your swimsuit. This will help you in preventing skin irritation when you wear the swim suit during the following swimming session.

Step 2: Moisturize your skin well: Swimming in the chlorinated pools leave our skin extremely dry. After having the shower, you must apply a quality moisturizer all over your body to prevent chronic dryness of skin. Usually, using an OTC product is enough for getting rid of the dryness induced by chlorine; however, if you continue to feel the irritation even after hours of finishing the swimming session or get flaky patches on your skin, you must visit your physician immediately.

Step 3: Purify your skin: To purify your skin, you must drink adequate amount of water throughout the day, especially after coming out of the swimming pool. This will not only purify your skin, but will also replenish the moisture lost from your skin due to the chlorine present in the swimming pool.