Runny Nose the Most Troublesome Allergy

Runny nose is very common type of allergy found in millions of people.  It is a nasal discharge that is coming out of the nose.  It is secreted by the mucous membranes inside the nose when they get inflamed which is called rhinitis or hay fever.  The allergy triggers the production of antibody immunoglobulin E which binds to mast cells and basophils containing histamine.  You experience runny nose when you have a cold infection, sinusitis, or flu like illness.  The associated symptoms maybe sore throat, breathing difficulty, sneezing, watery eyes, itching near the nose, etc.

The types of allergies are seasonal, environmental, perennial or can be year-round allergy.

Seasonal allergy means when there is a timely change in season or a sudden fluctuation in weather like little rain and then suddenly hot, or cool in the mornings and hot in the days, onset of summer immediately after winter, the period where the summer is at the end and monsoon is in the starting stage, and so on.  People with seasonal allergy have to take anti-allergy when they feel that a particular season can trigger the allergy, whereas people who have year-round allergy have to be on chronic anti-allergy to avoid triggering.

Some people experience allergy due to exposure to dust, pollen, animal dander.  Some people have allergy to strong smell such as perfumes, detergents, plants.  Such people have to keep their nose part of the mouth covered when they are about to be exposed to such odor or smell, or if they suspect some sort of smell they should try and move away from it.

In runny nose, people experience constant discharge from the nose where they have to hold a handkerchief near the nose to clear the discharge.

Runny nose can also be triggered by allergy to stress, less sleep, anxiety also.

Perennial allergy appears throughout the year.  It is mainly seen in younger children.

To find out what you are allergic to, you need to take an allergy test.  The test may reveal the allergen to which you are allergic to.  Skin testing is the most common method of allergy testing.

Remedies to treat runny nose include nasal drops which go enter the nasal passage and heal the inflamed mucous lining.  Corticosteroids are good treatment option for nasal congestion.  The steroid is to be used in the following way.  Close one nostril and tilt your head downward when spraying the steroid.

When a person has a cold due to weather change or infection, he may have associated runny nose which sometimes can be cured by just drinking warm water or warm milk.  Elder people who avoid taking medication, often adopt this type of a remedy.  When a child gets runny nose can have different colored secretion flowing from the nose like yellow or green.  If the secretion or discharge is yellow there may not be need for antibiotic, but if the discharge is greenish it may indicate bacteria interacting with the mucous.  This is the point when parents are advised to consult their physician.  But again, green mucous is not always a sign of infection.  Antibiotics are not necessarily needed at this point also.  You may also first try saline nasal drops or vaporizers.

All about Byssinosis

Lung diseases are a result of infection caused in the lungs. Byssinosis is one such occupational lung diseases that is caused due to exposure to cotton dust. Sometimes it is also a result of working in an inadequately ventilated working environment. Byssinosis is commonly seen to occur in all those who work in the fabric and yarn industries. It is not that the cotton dust results in the disease directly butt it is believed that the main causes are the endotoxins that come from the bacteria that grow in the cotton. This however is still being researched and the actual cause as bacterial endotoxin is yet to be confirmed.

But statistics reveal that out of around 81 byssinosis related deaths between the years 1990 and 1999 there are around 48% that were involved with an occupation in the fabric, thread and yarn industries. This is a disease that has often occurred during the times of the industrial revolution.

This disease is also called “brown lung” but this does not mean that the individuals who are affected have brown lungs it is only that the term is such. Typical symptoms include breathing difficulties, cough, chest tightness and also coughing. Brown lung results in the airways within getting narrow and also scars the lungs along with death due to respiratory failure or infection. Byssinosis is thus a disease that is caused due to inhaling flax, cotton, and also hemp fibers. Byssinosis the normal term that is used for a condition that affects the lungs caused by inhaling cotton.

It is said that breathing in the dust that raw cotton produces results in byssinosis. Also it has ben seen in people who are sensitive to dust and also are prone to asthma. Preventing it is the best way to avoid being a victim of the disease. Byssinosis is still seen however in all the developing countries. Smoking is said to increase the risk of catching the disease. As the airway is exposed to dust innumerable times, this leads to chronic lung damage and also causes shortness of breath and wheezing.

Symptoms normally are seen to work at the beginning when you are in the place of work and then reduce as you get away from the work. The health care provider who is informed normally takes a detailed history of the medical condition of the individual and there are some questions asked to find out if the symptoms are related to particular kinds of exposure to any particular time of exposure. A physical examination and also a special examination of the lungs gives the proper diagnosis for the health care provider.

Other tests that are taken are CT scan chest and also a Chest X-Ray alongwith some pulmonary function tests. Treatment normally is started with asking the individual to stop getting exposed to dust. Reducing the dust levels is the best way one can help prevent byssinosis. Many people are seen to change jobs to avoid getting prone to such conditions.

Treatment is also given by giving bronchodilators which helps to cure asthma. Sometimes corticosteroids are prescribed if the case is very severe. Smoking is a major contributor for all the people who suffer from this condition. Breathing treatment is normally given by having nebulizers and also some oxygen therapy is given. Blood oxygen normally goes low in such patients. So providing oxygen is a way of treating this condition.

Then there are patient education programs, exercise programs and also breathing exercises which help to treat the lung disease. It is also a good idea to attend to the support groups that help you to deal with these kinds of diseases and so just ensure you know how to deal with these conditions.

Byssinosis is  a condition where the individual is allergic to cotton dust . Know how to deal with it and how to treat it.

Learn all about Byssinosis which is a lung disease caused due to cotton dust.

All about Power and Control Issues

Sexual Addiction is a way of manifesting a deeper pore and control problem. Any kind of issue regarding power or control leads to a sex addiction to develop. When a person does not have a healthy balance of control and power in their behavior that is when he starts getting affected in his interpersonal relations with other people and in the way he thinks and emotes. Any person with a control issue would have a difficulty in controlling behaviors like drinking, eating and having sex too. In any relationship if there is a person with a certain power control issue then he is normally a victim of being controlled by others.

Normally power and control issues are seen to develop when the person is a child. This normally happens due to what the older siblings do or what they do not do. If a parent is very disciplined and controlling then a child is said to have a power control issue. Children are seen to being life with a lot of lack of control. Parents have to ensure that they can teach the child to gain control over things and over their minds. It is like the child lifts the emotional weights and the parent has to provide him the right weight. If the weight is too heavy the child cannot pick it up and if the weight is light then he has nothing to lift and so he wouldn’t get stronger.

If the parent has been too disciplined or less disciplined, the little amount of control would result in the child not being able to take orders or develop his own power of control. When the child grows up he sees that this habit in him is seen in acts like not being able to curb something. Such people also have a power control issue over sex. There are people who take a treatment for sexual addiction. This is again a result of the power control issue. They behave in a particularly out of control way. There is a lot of trauma related in such cases. This person who is sexually out of control needs to be rehabilitated and taught to live a normal life.

Sexual addiction damages the psychology and attitude of a person. Therapy is one way you could resolve this power and control issue. Sometimes the question is just about getting a certain control that can be developed within. The therapist t helps to guide the person towards making progress in healthy control and power. This is actually a development process. If parents give the rightful healthy limits then children stay healthy.

Addiction especially sexual addiction comes due to over control of caregivers in the school. This power and control problem disrupts a child’s activity and thus results in a lot more problems.

Power control is something that often leads to problems like sexual addiction. It is in our hands to take care of them.

Learn all about how you could avoid a person from getting sexually addicted  and avoid such power and control problems.

A Dummies Guide To The Flu Vaccine 2010 2011 Part I

With the approaching flu season it is also time to get inoculated with the flu vaccine. Currently, the CDC recommends all to get vaccinated above six months of age. This advice and the addition of the swine influenza vaccination in the seasonal vaccination have raised queries.  Here is a detailed guide to clearing all miasmas.

Flu vaccine for all ages – Is it truly necessary

All could be benefited from the flu vaccination. Till last year, the annual recommendation was for all people apart from a diminutive age-group of eighteen to forty-nine years of age individuals who have not conceived and healthy. This group was lately included and all not wanting to contract flu could be benefited for the flu vaccine and is a sure life-saver for all.

For Healthy Individuals is it is necessary to get the flu shot

It has been observed that a number of acute ailments and fatalities have occurred among younger, comparatively healthy individuals. Several of these cases were below fifty years of age who were unaware that they were having risk factors for acute flu sickness.

Factually, majority of the flu-caused fatalities and acute sicknesses develop in the extreme age band – infanthood and aged people. However it is also capable of killing individuals in good health. Also many individuals who deem they are in good health might be having medical risk factors that they are oblivious about.

Also a person with no fundamental medical problem could develop a bad case of flu sickness, with absenteeism from work and a visit to the physician’s clinic becoming necessary. All this could be avoided by getting vaccinated. Additionally, inoculation of healthy individuals lowers their likelihood of developing flu virus caused infection and transmitting it to others at greater risk for complication like an infant or aged individual.

People who got the flu vaccine last year & developed flu after that – why risk it once more and simply avoid sick people

Many individuals subsequent to taking a flu vaccination develop flu-similar symptoms and there is a possibility of it happening. Subsequent to taking a dosage of the flu vaccination, around seven days is needed for the body to develop immunity. In case flu is circulating in one’s neighbourhood and exposure to it occurs then that person could become symptomatic within 2-3 days. Hence, it is likely that in case there is exposure to flu virus one could fall ill prior to the vaccination having a chance of working. Hence, many think that the vaccination was causal to the flu.

Even several types of virus-caused infections could lead to flu-similar sickness though it is not flu and the flu shot would not be protecting against it

People need to understand that the influenza vaccination is not capable of producing flu infection since it is lifeless with only the protein present in it. Hence most of these cases are sheer happenstance – either the shot didn’t get the time to take effect or the person contracted flu-similar infection.

The FluMist Inhalable Vaccine – Does it have the animate virus & could a person develop flu after its use

FluMist is a great choice for individuals in good health, below fifty years of age and who have not conceived. Although the virus is animate, its modification has been done so that it merely develops in the throat or nasal areas of the individuals and not getting inside the lungs. It is altered so that it cannot lead to lung infections.

Hence, following administration of the FluMist inhalable vaccine some extent of throat soreness may be experienced for 1-2 days however not causing flu alongside fever or coughing.

Is the current flu shot really necessary for people who have taken Flu shots in 2009 & earlier?

Since the flu virus is constantly evolving hence for better tackling it vaccinations are constantly updated.

Vaccination for 2009 differs from the current year’s shot. Trio varying viral forms could be causal to flu. Vaccinations protecting from these are part of the three-in-one seasonal flu shot. Any of the constituents are amended yearly since the virus that experts are keen on preventing continually change.

Regrettably, developing immunity to 1 of the viral forms in 2009 might not shield the person from 2010’s viral forms. Hence, continuously catching up is the need of the hour. Also perhaps one’s immunity tends to wane with passage of time, especially in case of vaccinations.

Scientists are still in the process of developing a single injection vaccination that has sensitivity to alterations in the virus which could shield for 5 years to a decade.

For People who contracted the infection at the time of swine flu epidemic is it yet necessary to get vaccinated with the current year’s flu vaccination

It is necessary even for these people to get vaccinated in the current year. In case one had contracted the flu at the time of the epidemic, one has possibly developed immunity to the swine flu virus. However there are several infections aping influenza & it might be other viral forms making the person ill. Not every infection mimicking flu is essentially flu.

Possibly scores of individuals contracted H1N1 flu infection last year, however it is tricky is deciphering which individuals contracted swine flu and those who developed flu-similar conditions – till they have undergone a viral  culture testing for corroborating the real presence of swine flu in their body.

The current’s year vaccination provides shielding from duo other flu viral forms. Also those who contracted swine flu last year would definitely not want to fall ill this year. Also individuals who contracted swine flu in 2009 would have boosted their immunity to the H1N1 constituent of the seasonal shot & hence these people would be getting added immunity from the other duo constituents of the shot.

Surprising Migraine Aborting Off Label Therapies

Migraine sufferers commonly endure acute headache episodes week-after-week for several decades and are willing to try anything for getting respite from the debilitating pains & symptoms.

Though there are hardly any drugs having the United States FDA approval for treating migraines, yet there are dozen plus off label medicines which physician and patient populaces are resorting to went they fail to get reprieve.

Botox is an off label therapy which appears to help in preventing migraine among the ailing community who have not shown response to other therapies. Mostly Botox is the final option for migraine patients since insurance service providers might not provide coverage for it until they could provide evidence that the rest of the medicines have been ineffectual.

Administration of Botox jabs might be done in several locations, based on where the pains are – like nasal bridge, above the eyebrow area, backside of the neck or shoulder area and seems to work for 3-4 months and generally with minimal associated side-effects.

Botox maker Allergan lately consented to shelling out six hundred million dollars for settling unlawful and social complaints regarding what the United States government stated was illegitimate promoting of Botox for unintentional reasons, inclusive of headache.

Botox lately garnered approval as a preventative migraine therapy in the U.K., and would soon be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration during year end for the analogous suggestion.

Several other migraine sufferers use a prevalent medicine Tylenol – an off label treatment. Heavy dosages of the drug eight Tylenol are taken for dulling migraine pains. Several physicians caution that it might be extreme and can be rather noxious in case its use is continued week-by-week for protracted periods of time. Doctors additionally state that such medicines and therapies at times have far greater efficacy as compared to many of the FDA-accepted treatments.

Bountiful Off-Label Migraine Cures

Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug forms (NSAID) like naproxen, ibuprofen, in case their prescription is suggested, are unapproved for treatment of migraines. Also OTC (over the counter) medicines like Excedrin Migraine, Motrin Migraine have the approval for treating migraine.

CCBs or calcium channel blockers that are largely employed for treating health problems like hypertension, erratic cardiac beats are additionally used for migraine. Such medications entail:

  • Nicardipine or Cardene.
  • Calan or verapamil.
  • Adalat, Procardia or nifedipine.

Other off label treatments include the use of beta blockers, antidepressant and seizure-combating medicines. Several mineral, vitamin and supplement forms are frequently employed for preventing migraines. Many doctors also advice particular types for migraines like CoQ10, riboflavin, melatomin, magnesium, butterbur. Relaxation and biofeedback method are also other behaviour therapy options for migraine treatment.

For treatment of hard-to-allay headaches, doctors resort to best of both worlds as there is a dearth of several on label medications since it is quite costly for getting medicine approvals and the FDA is increasingly stringent about it.

Approved Migraine Medicines

Migraine is a heritable condition typified by acute, mostly pulsating headaches which are mostly felt alongside symptoms like photophobia, feeling nauseous and puking.

Migraine classically originates with a prodrome, an earlier stage to it which could commence many hours or days earlier than the inception of these headaches. Individuals experiencing prodromes would yawn, feel weariness and depressed. Individuals have a tendency of getting migraines for major part of their lifetime and could differ in intensity and acuteness.

There are 7 medications having the FDA acceptance for treating severe migraines and 4 other drugs for preventing migraines. Physicians state that there are over thirty medications which they mostly give prescriptions for or indicate being off label, yet, at times have greater efficacy as compared to FDA accepted drugs.

Amongst the accepted therapy medications for severe migraine are triptans (inclusive of Maxalt, Zomig, Imitrex). Among on-label drugs, Excedrin Migraine has constituents like acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine which is analogously present in Extra-Strength Excedrin.

The 4 FDA-accepted migraine therapies include:

  • Topamax or topiramate.
  • Inderal or propanolol.
  • Depakote or divalproex sodium.
  • Blocadren or timolol.
Lurking Perils of Migraine Drugs

Opiates are another off label treatment employed for migraine though physicians state that they might not be the finest choice. They have approval for acute pain treatment though not for migraine. Also they have not been found to be as effectual and could be riskily addictive as migraine patients continually use them yet not getting any respite.

Drug overdose despite it not having narcotic presence is a prevalent issue amongst migraine patients, according to physicians.

Physicians also point out that there are duo risks of over-treatment – one being headache recurrence and excess drug intake could have noxious consequences. Excess ibuprofen intake could harm kidney functioning.

Even over-treatment with FDA-approved medications carries risk and physicians state that their intake must be restricted.

People into the habit of taking headache-allaying medications for over thrice on a weekly basis and month-after-month are in reality worsening their headaches. This behaviour is the chief reason for headache advancing from sporadic to frequently occurring. However among migraine sufferers that is far from their foremost concerns. They are just keen on getting riddance from the pain.

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All about Broca’s Aphasia

Aphasia is a condition where there is a great language impairment thus affecting not only the production but also the comprehension of speech. It also influences the ability to write or read. Aphasia is always invariably due a brain injury sometimes in the form of a stroke. It is especially seen to happen in the elders. Brain injuries resulting in a condition like aphasia also can be caused due to brain tumours, head trauma and also other infections.

In the year 1865, Paul Broca referred to patients who had a lack of speech ability and also those who had a hemiparesis and aid that this has been caused due to a damage in the language part of the brain. After the patient died and a post mortum examination was made, Broca showed how the entire portion of the left posterior frontal lobe in the operculum area had got affected. This discovery that Broca gave to the world brought about the idea that the brain had compartments and was also lateral. Cerebral localization thus became a very popular topic for all those interested.

Broca’s Aphasia is mainly dominated by a disability to speak, sentences and even few words. It has many pauses. The patient normally is seen to come with a great distorted effect and with a huge effort. The intonation is normally single pitched and is flat. So the speech is more telegraphic without any emotion. The words are repeated and the phrases are also impaired. But the comprehension of the aural regions for speech is totally intact. Normally a right hemiparesis is associated with this and it normally is localized to the leg, arm and the face.

Normally patients who are affected are seen to have lesions which cause Broca’s Aphasia and these are involved with the frontal operculaum and the motor regions and the premotor regions of the brain. These are found positioned in the portions of the brain that lie behind and are normally on top of the Broca area. There are also lesions that are found deep inside the white matter of the brain and also the basal ganglia. This is what results in Broca’s aphasia. Normally the more extensively the cerebrum is involved the lesser the prognosis is possible for recovery.

Aphasia is found to very severe sometimes and thus the communication for the patient is totally impossible. Sometimes the symptoms are very mild. Broca’s Aphasia is found to either affect the use of language, or the capacity to retrieve the names or the way one can put the words to sentences. It also affects the capacity to read. But mostly the other multiple parts of communication are affected. Some of the channels are seen to be inaccessible for some information.

The professionals dealing with the problem normally try to find out the exact function that is lacking and assess the treatment method as per their findings. They try to enhance the use of channels that are in hand.

Broca’s aphasia also called non fluent aphasia affect the speech output and is totally ruled by short utterances of the words. The vocabulary is also limited and the sound formations is very clumsy and also with great effort. Though the person understands speech easily he is not able to reproduce it as well. Thus this non fluent speech disability is because of the effort that is to be applied to speak. The left frontal lobe is one of the main areas of language in the cerebral cortex as it is the part that rules the motor aspect of the speech ability in an individual. So usually the patient is able to understand what words mean, but have trouble speaking. The other names for this disability are motor aphasia, expressive aphasia. Depending on how severe the condition, is, the Broca’s aphasia symptoms normally are either dysarthria where the person cannot comprehend and speak or it could through writing a complete loss of speaking aloud.

All the individuals who have Broca’s Aphasia were usually thought to have a lot of damage to the frontal lobe but more recent studies show that the patients with this problem have lesions to the medial insular cortex.

All in all it is a condition that has to be attended to and there are numerous ways this can be handled.

All about Symptoms of Digestive Disorders

The human body is like a machine. The organs give the body the strength to function easily. However sometimes the body also fails in its functions. At such times it gives indications which are called the symptoms for any discomfort in the body. Digestive disorder is always accompanied initially by an abdominal pain.

Digestive disorders are conditions when the person feels a lot of discomfort. All the problems related to digestion are always linked to the internal working of the body. So it is important to recognize such symptoms so that the digestive disorder in question could be treated well.  Symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, bleeding from the digestive tract , difficulty in swallowing, regurgitation, etc normally exhibit a disorder in the digestive system. Other symptoms like flatulence, abdominal pain, nausea and loss of appetite indicate that a disorder could exist in the digestive system.

Indigestion is a very large term used to show a lot of disorder in the system and is used by different people in different ways. The term covers symptoms like vomiting, nausea and also dyspepsia . These disorders vary from person to person  Normally the stomach is affected just around 30 to 60 minutes after the person has had food. It is imperative that we learn to recognize these symptoms and take action immediately. The bowel functions are also affected by other factors like drugs, disease, diet etc.

It has been seen that mostly the bowel movements have a lot of blood, pus, mucus and also a lot of oil and this is a major disorder. Abdominal pain is very common in such conditions and there is a lot of discomfort . Incessant and continuous pain is a sign that the problem has to be attended immediately. Those individuals who have HIV virus are seen to have lesser resistance to abdominal pain. Sometimes there are cases where even  if the patient is very serious, the pain develops very slowly. Children, infants and newborns are seen to be affected by abdominal pain and it gets difficult as they do not have the capacity to communicate the cause of their discomfort.

The symptoms of digestive disorders mainly are seen to affect not only the gastrointestinal system but also the digestive system. The digestive system includes  the esophagus, the throat, the small intestine, stomach, anus, large intestine, liver , gall bladder and the anus. The symptoms of digestive disorders could be due to many diseases either mild or serious. These affect people of all groups and all ages.

So any kind of discomfort and pain between the groin and the lower chest should immediately be attended to. The abdominal pain is normally generalized and is seen to occur in the entire abdomen. It is possible that it is found in a small area of the stomach region or the belly . Whatever the case be it is necessary that the symptoms of digestive disorders are attended to and the treatment is not delayed.

Abdominal pain is a major sign of the many diseases and disorders that affect the stomach ,the intestines and the general digestive system Abdominal pain is also seen sometimes when a patient reacts adversely to a medicine. There are cases when abdominal pain occurs due to eating very rich food.

An abdominal pain or a digestive disorder that lasts for a long time could sometimes be the indication for chronic pancreatitis It is also known by the other names of gastroesophaeal reflux disease or the GERD. This abdominal pain is continuous and occurs sporadically.

If the symptoms of digestive disorder are accompanied with lot of cramp like feeling ,vomiting, and yellowing of the skin then it could be indicating a serious problem So ensure that you are aware of all the symptoms of the digestive disorder and put your health in the path of progress.

Thus it is seen that abdominal pain is an initial indication of a digestive disorder. The next time you have it, make sure you are sure about the exact kind of digestive disorder you are experiencing and find out a proper treatment.

All about Eye Health and Food

Spinach the lovely dark green leafy vegetable is the king of vegetables when it comes to eye care. This is a frequently overlooked vegetable in the menu these days and most of America often does not have this very important vegetable sometimes in the palate.

Fruits and vegetables are very important for eye care and very important for preventing other problems like cancer and health. Nutrition is very important and eyes are the best indications for a good body health. The nutrients that are found in the vegetables and fruits are very crucial to maintain eye health.

Fruits and vegetables are the best way to start taking care of the eyes. It is recommended that one has at least five  servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. Eating a lot of this stuff especially stuff like carrots, hubbard squash and broccoli ensure that the eyes are taken care of well. The deep coloured vegetables and fruits are very crucial to give the sources of beta carotene which are very important for the eyes. Beta carotene and carotenoids are a great nutrient for eye health.

Vitamin C is another water soluble vitamin and a perfect antioxidant which helps to keep the eyes healthy and young. It protects the eye from damages that are caused by the ultraviolet light. Antioxidants are the substances which protect the cells from the natural process of oxidation. Vitamin C has helped to prevent cataracts or delay them to a great extent. But there is no proof for this. Cataracts are caused when the lens of the eye gets clouded and it causes a lot of dimmed and blurred vision.

Vitamin c is an age protector for the eyes and there are many studies that have a beneficial effect on the eyes. So have the vitamin C based fruits like red bell peppers, guava, broccoli and papaya. Also have kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, pineapple and raspberries.

Then there is Vitamin E which is another ingredient in the food that prevents macular degeneration and cataracts. Macular degeneration is a very common disease of the eye that is associated with ageing. AMD stops the vision by affecting the small spot in the centre of the retina which is the macula. This is the place where the vision is sharpest. Blurred vision is said to be the main cause of irreversible blindness in all the elderly above the age of 65.

Vitamin E is very highly found in vegetable oils. So it is better that we shouldn’t over eat fat. Some of the best forms of Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, almonds, wheat germ, cottonseed oil, peanut butter and fortified cereals.

Zinc is another mineral that has a protective effect on the formation of conditions like AMD. Zinc thus becomes a very important of eye care and is a must for maintaining the eye care.

Zinc drops as we grow older and our eyes need it a great deal. So ensure you have garbanzo beans, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, tofu, almonds, milk, chicken and ground beef to get your share of zinc.

Beta carotene is another important ingredient for eye care. It helps in maintaining good vision and also helps in night vision. It plays a great role in preventing cataract too. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body and is easily obtained through the diet. Supplements for beta carotene are in dispute of whether to be recommended or not. Beta carotene could result in an orange shade of the skin. You could have apricots, sweet potatoes, carrots, beet greens, collard greens, kale, turnip greens, papaya, spinach, cantaloupe, red bell pepper, romaine lettuce and winter squash.

Carotenoids are antioxidants that are also plant pigments. They help in eye care and also in maintaining the nutrition of the eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are substances that are found in the eye and help in maintaining eye health.

All these help in maintaining the health of the macula and the retina and protect against conditions like AMD. Carotenoids definitely give food their rich colour. The lovely green, yellow and orange colour in the food is a result of carotenoids. They give colour to the vegetables like tomato, sweet potatoes and watermelons.

All in all it is very important to eat the right kind of food to have the perfect kind of eye health. Enjoy eating well and seeing well.

Green Tea Extract Restrains Cancer In Most Cll Cases

This is the recent in a succession of Mayo researches to exhibit potential of using EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate – the key constituent in green tea in lowering numbers of leukemia cells in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) patients. Mayo Clinic study firstly evaluated the green tea extract, EGCG in an array of lab assays around 8 years back and was noted to lower the survival rate in CLL cells. The lab discovery was then ensued by a triumphant first phase scientific study – the foremost instant when a green tea extract have been employed in CLL-afflicted patients.

Doctor Tait Shanafelt, specialist in the field of hematology and helming the trial stated that solely a relative phase three study could ascertain if EGCG could postpone advancement of CLL though the gains which have been noted in majority of the CLL cases who employed the green tea extract indicate that it has favourable clinical activity and might be beneficial to stabilize a leukemia type and thus potentially slacken it.

Doctor Neil Kay, a haematologist and study investigator whose lab firstly conducted tests of EGCG in leukemia blood cells from CLL cases stated that the use of toxin-free chemical substances for reverting cancerous development for postponing the requirement of toxic treatment is a worthwhile objective in oncology study – especially for cancer types whose earlier management were observation-based like CLL.

The duo doctors have cautioned that the green tea extract is not an alternative to chemotherapy. The Mayo study entrants who underwent treatment with EGCG were in the initial staging, non-symptomatic CLL patients that had would not have undergone treatment till their condition advanced.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a blood cancer type which is a cross in-between lymphoma and leukemia. Advancement of the condition is evaluated by the amounts of leukemic cells in the bloodstream and bone marrow alongside enlarged lymph nodes because of the leukemic cells penetrating.

During the first phase of the trial that appeared in the ‘Journal of Clinical Oncology’, investigators noted that the leukemic cell count lessened in 1/3rd of the candidates and that most of the entrants with lymph node enlargement because of connection with CLL noted a fifty percent or more lessening in the size of lymph nodes.

Employing the max dosage evaluated in the first phase of the clinical trial, the investigators unveiled their second phase of scientific study in extra thirty-six patients. The study evaluated the outcomes of such thirty-six entrants along with 6 patients from the initial phase of the study treated at the analogous dosage. Outcomes from forty-one patients who concluded the trial revealed that thirty-one percent of patients had a twenty percent or more continual lowering in blood lymphocyte count and sixty-nine percent of patients having lymph node enlargement noticed a lowering in node size of fifty percent or more.

The doctors pointed out that overall the therapy was ably tolerated and carried mild-ranging side-effects in majority of the patients.

Researchers point out that a third phase of scientific study is necessary prior to EGCG being recommended to CLL patients. However those keen on taking supplements must seek oncologist consultation and require apt supervision employing lab tests.

5 Get Fit And Healthy Ideas

Enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle is an aspiration for many of us, and while it takes some determination to start off with, it’s amazing how quickly we start to feel the benefits of exercise and eating well, and how that provides the motivation to keep going. There are plenty of ways you can get fit and healthy, and here are five of our favorites.

  1. Weight trainingIf it is a fantastic body you are after, then lifting weights is the way to go. Using supplements and whey protein can help maximise the effect of that grueling work, and give you the abs and biceps you have always dreamt of, but weight training is not just about looking fit on the surface. It helps strengthen bones, reducing the chance of osteoporosis, and improves balance. Like Tai Chi, a history of weight training reduced the chances of falling in the elderly and optimises the effect of dieting by protecting lean body levels while fat is lost.
  2. WalkingIt really doesn’t get more simple. Walking is probably the easiest way to get fit, as it doesn’t require any special equipment (beyond good shoes), membership fees or significant alteration to your daily routine. It is also a great way of seeing more of the areas you live and work in, while walking holidays can land you in some of the most breathtaking corners of the globe. Forsake ten-minute drives in favour of 25-minute walks and walk from the station to the office and you’ll soon be getting a few miles a day under your belt while lowering blood pressure, losing weight and improving your mood.
  3. Tai ChiSo many fitness trends emerge every year but, like yoga, one of the very best has been around for centuries. The Chinese practice of Tai Chi focuses on deep breathing, relaxation and slowly moving from one posture to the next. Kickboxing this ain’t, but medical studies have proven its benefits time and time again, and it used in UK hospitals. Long-term practice promotes balance, flexibility, digestion and cardiovascular fitness as well as improving memory, concentration and combating depression, anxiety and stress.
  4. Street DanceStreet dance has really taken off in the UK in recent years and not only is it fun to watch, it can do wonders for the health and fitness of those who take part. Breakdance and bodypop your way to massively improved stamina and flexibility as well as improved concentration and spatial awareness. It can look pretty full on but don’t worry, with the big rise in popularity there are more and more beginners classes out there.
  5. Five-a-sideWhile some people might still wonder whether school really is the best time of your life, there is no doubt that the opportunity it gave many to engage in organised and playground games was a huge plus. Other priorities seem to get in the way now we are adults, but getting your friends together to organise a netball or five-a-side team cannot only bring back those less stressful days but do wonders for your fitness. The range of sprinting, turning, tackling, jumping etc. make team sports like football a full-body, interval-style workout.