Long Term Complications Of Diabetes

Long standing and especially uncontrolled diabetes affects the functioning of blood vessels of all sizes. The inner lining of the arteries (the blood vessels which carry oxygenated blood to the different parts of the body) has the tendency to become thick and rough.  The walls of the arteries also become thick and hard.

The flow of blood becomes sluggish in such arteries and the blood may clot in the lumen of the arteries. This is called thrombosis. The narrowing and blocking of the lumen of the arteries reduces the flow of the blood to different parts of body. However to some extent, this degenerative process in the arteries is part of the natural ageing process.

High blood pressure, smoking habits, lack of exercise, obesity, and an elevated level of certain fats in the blood contribute to this degenerative process. It is very important that a Diabetic should not smoke, reduce the consumption of alcohol, have a diet which is low in fat and salt, avoid junk food and foods high on cholesterol, restrict saturated fats in the diet, restrict the intake of sweet foods and keep a check on his blood pressure and blood sugar levels A protein diet is also very effective to keep diabetes in check.

A diabetic must eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and indulge in physical exercises or outdoor activity to keep his weight in check.

A healthy lifestyle not only limits itself to keeping diabetes in check. It has far reaching benefits and slows down the aging process both internally as well as externally. Hence, it is surely beneficial to lead an active and healthy life and consume proper meals to keep ill health at bay.