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Slimming and having a lean look is what every individual desires. But the hectic schedule and fast paced lifestyle and with the changes in standard of living it is making difficult to lose weight. You will see millions of people trying to lose weight and failing miserably. This is mostly because they have not found the basic elements or key methods to lose weight.

For loosing weight it is important to have a high metabolism rate (A rate which is high in Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Beyonce and many such ladies). This metabolism rate helps to keep you fit and fine and this is the key to lose weight. Slimming can be done effectively and even easily with rising of metabolism rate, teaching the body to burn more calories even while resting and by building muscle mass and elevating heart rate. Five tips to lose weight are:

Don’t Skip Meals:

Well this is the most important which you think to be least effective. Skipping meals will harm the routine rhythm patter of working of your body’s digestion system. When you skip eating, body thinks it might be a while before it will see any food so it goes in preservation mode- it means you will gain cause of it. It so happens that body puts efforts to save fat in body, which it does by lowering metabolism rate and we don’t want that do we?

With Cardio build Muscle Mass:

Slim by adding muscles. Muscle tissue requires more energy and burns more calories then Fats! It’s effective because even when you are resting the muscles burn calories and use energy, so larger the muscles higher the metabolic rate to supply them energy.

Develop largest muscle group but don’t neglect other body:

like legs is the largest muscle group in the body so concentrate on building on them, as they burn largest amount of calories. But in building these, don’t neglect the rest of your body. For good lean and slim look a symmetrical body looks better and naturally healthy.

High protein and Low fat:

Go for quality then quantity. Especially eating of food rich in proteins is most important as proteins helps in formations of muscles and provides nutrition for them to grow. Fats don’t help much. You need to adjust meals accordingly.

Work out- do Cardio:

After building your muscles, do Cardiovascular exercise to strengthen heart and also help boost your metabolism. This is important because an elevated heart rate keeps body burning extra calories and this continues for at least two hours after you finish exercising.