Football Running Back Workouts Part Ii

Prepping to play the role of running back (RB) in football is loads of hard-work, patience and stamina. The RB takes up as great an extent of contact as other football players on the field & for handling that physical load, the back has to be prepared for handling such scenarios. Running back workouts which are tailored for working the RB’s speed enable him in dodging or breaking away from such contacts.

Running Back workouts comprising of the following drills could help in improving speed & strength of the RB.

Tete-a-Tete Practice
  • Setting up duo blockade wads around six yards at a distance. Having the RB and LB (linebacker) lying down flat on the ground in a manner that the diadems of their headdresses touch one another.
  • Once the coach has whistled, the RB would sprint five yards back for taking a ‘stiff-arm fend’ from the QB (quarterback). The LB additionally would drop back five yards.
  • During this instant, the two players would then be charging back to the start position. The RB would then try running via the region whilst the LB attempts at making the tackle.
  • This preps the RBs for the contacts they would be enduring at their role all through the season.
  • Ensure having all runner backs incorporate this drill no less than thrice during training.
  • During the drill, the trainer would be setting out cornets on the offensive area of the pitch which impersonates the trail a RB would take while he sprints a brush to the outer part of the field.
  • Once the trainer has whistled, the RB would take a ‘stiff-arm fend’ from the QB and then following the cornets to the outside.
  • On the opposing surface of the scrimmage-line, tacklers would have to run to a mark just beyond the scrimmage-line for tackling the sprinter.
  • The RBs have the option of speeding past the tacklers or running over them.
  • It is the essential sustaining element in majority of the offensive squads and the RB has to be capable enough for the side to meet with success.
  • Running this drill 5 times is advisable for all backs and tacklers.
Parachute Speed Drills
  • RBs have to attempt at working on their pace for them to ably do their jobs. For speed-building, running back workouts that include parachute speed drills help hone this vital area.
  • With the parachute donned on the strap-up (similar to one putting on backpacks), the RB is required starting off the goal line sprinting a hundred yards clutching the ball underarm.
  • The RB would be sensing incredible resistance while running however stopping, slowing down or turning about is not advisable while sprinting.
  • The key is going as swiftly as possible over the entire hundred yards. Subsequently, running this practice once more however on reaching the fifty yard marking on the field, pressing the discharge key on the parachute leading to it dropping off.
  • One would be sensing a gush of pace.
  • This drill is created for helping one in getting quicker.