Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayam
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Bhastrika pranayam is a way of flaming the metabolic rate. It helps the body to burn fat faster and gives you the best ways of eliminating waster and other materials. There are lot of ways you could do it without having any side effect. First of all check the lung capacity of the individual and then practise this asan. This is a great health booster and improves ones self esteem.  To know more on this, watch the video posted below.
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Football Running Back Workouts – Part I

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Football is a physically taxing game for all playing it. But, a running back (RB) is the one taking the maximal brunt and badgering on the field as he carries, catches the ball, having to block, tackling around three hundred pound players and at the centre of bone-jarring strikes. Football Running Back Workouts & Exercises are created for prepping players to take on such challenges.

Essence of Football Running Back Workouts

Physical Strength Building

Running Back WorkoutsA RB’s success lay in his capability of absorbing tackles while he sprints with the ball, dolling out the punishments as he leads with his forearm or tackling when he knows he is going to get thumped. For improving strength, RBs should ideally be heading off to weight rooms and doing bench press, curl & dead-lift moves. Apart for iron-lifting, doing push ups are great for strength building and doing 4 sets comprising of forty push ups on a daily basis alongside working out at the weight rooms.

Do not overlook the part of your body from waist down while in the weight rooms since many a tackler would definitely be diving at the thigh, ankle and lower leg areas of the RB. Hence it is advisable to work on leg-press exercise moves on Nautilus-type equipment for improving the body’s shock-absorbing capacity and stamina to continue playing.

Pace & Swiftness

Possibly the finest skill sets that an RB could get to the game are pace and swiftness which are chiefly roles of a sportsperson’s natural sporty capability; however these traits could be enhanced with running back workouts.

  • Setting up cones at each five yard distance on the field and placing wands at the ten-, twenty- and thirty-yard lines.
  • Running to the right of the foremost cone & then turning left of the second one and continuing to do so till one reaches the ten-yard line, picking up the foremost wand and running back the analogous manner – alternate the side of the cornet one runs to & putting the wand on the goal-line.
  • Running in the analogous way for picking up wands on the twenty- and thirty-yard line marker.
  • Doing this at the commencement of all workout sessions for improving swiftness.
  • For enhancing pace, commencing at the lines marking the limits of playing area on the football field (sideline), sprinting to the close-by hash mark and backing to the side line, the distant hash mark & again returning to the side line & then to the distant side line & back.
  • Working on one’s performance, keep the knee areas up and the body to lean forwards.


  • Play the game for an entire hour to test your body’s capability of taking punishments and competing.
  • Subsequent to merely a couple of plays, a person could begin sensing weariness from the game rigor. This is an inapt choice in case of football. A player must have stamina for performing way into the 4th quarter as he would be doing in the foremost one. Try to run two to three miles on the way to the practice sessions would assist in building staying power necessary for competing over a ten-, twelve- or sixteen-game period.

How to take Hand-offs

  • Starting the workout with the RB at a 3-pt position, eight yards at the back of the QB.
  • At the sound of whistling, a RB would charge to the fore and the right of the QB, the arm on the receipt side on-top at trunk level.
  • Subsequent to having received the hand off, RB would have to close his arms firmly and grip the ball points.
  • Now continuing run for ten yards at total pace and arms locked against the football.
  • This workout must entail hand offs in swift sequence from duo sides and sprinting at high pace for ten yards subsequent to every hand off for building muscles of the legs.

Cut-Back Workout

  • It has been developed for teaching apt foot-work inclusive of placing the back-side feet for pushing off towards the opening.
  • Duo cornets are to be used at the scrimmage-line as the cut-back faces to left as well as right. Every cone must be ten yard from the core position.
  • Once whistling is audible, the RB has to run towards the right, parallel-wise to the scrimmage-line and cut back once level with the cornet on that particular side.
  • Following the switch in course move, the RB would head straight-up the field at high pace for ten yards.
  • The workout is done paying emphasis on placing the back-side foot while sprinting left/right and speeding up the field at full-throttle for developing staying power.

Receiving Workout

  • It has been devised for improving technique to catch the football, tuck it firmly and sprint towards the goal line at full-throttle.
  • The RB lining up eight yards at the back of the QB & at-the-snap the RB sprints to the right, parallel-wise to the scrimmage-line.
  • The football is flung and the RB should grasp it with duo hands broadened towards the football and not let it into the trunk or abdominal region.
  • The RB should place the ball underneath the arm which is nearest to the side-line & far from the pitch of play & defender players. Now the RB would turn up field and sprint for twenty-five yards.
  • This workout must be fast-paced and the RB should execute left/right back field release routes.
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