Morbid Obesity Effectively Treated With Gastric Pacing

The most up-to-date approach for treating morbid obesity is electronic implants tricking the brains into proffering a false sense of fullness. It has been touted to be a safer, lesser-invasive substitute to gastric bypass or even usual bariatric surgery for treatment of obese individuals who are diabetics & have other co-morbidities.

The new-fangled therapy functions by detection of foods on reaching the stomach & then conveying electric signalling to the brains that tummy fullness has been felt prior to it truly occurring.

Dubbed ‘The Abiliti system’, its basis being the same technology deployed in heart pacemaker devices. Implantation of the mini battery-run titanium pacemaker is done sub-dermally underneath the rib area & taking around one hour & generally an outpatient method. An electrode & victual identification sensor is affixed to the gadget that is implanted within the obese person’s abdominal area through keyhole surgical procedure.

Activation of the device is done after some time having passed by post-surgery, with every device set separately, on the basis of levels of stimulation needed for controlling appetites of patients.

No sooner has the sensor detected foods or beverages, it would be signalling to the tool which would then convey electric impulses to the abdominally-placed electrode that causes vagus nerve stimulation. It would be controlling digestive system movements & assimilation juices being produced. The vagus nerve would then be signalling to the appetite-controlling centre of the brain. Usually, the abdominal wall-located nerve receptors would be notifying the brain whenever fullness is sensed. However the Abiliti system would effectually be speeding up such messaging conveyed. It is also believed to slow down abdominal hormones which usually boost appetites. Patients characteristically would not be sensing any pains when the small currents are given to the stomach or when muscles encasing the trocar location are stimulated and least extent of side-effects have been experienced by entrants.

The gadget has been devised for obese people having body mass index (BMI) in the range of thirty-five to fifty-five or those with morbid obesity. No sooner have these people attained a healthful body mass index lying in the range of 18.5-24.9 then the tool could be turned off or taken out.

A. Sarela from the Nuffield Health Leeds Hosp. is the person pioneering this operative procedure which is being called as gastric pacing. This operative method for tackling morbid obesity is currently obtainable in Sheffield’s BMI Thornbury Hosp. as well as Nuffield and costing amid ten to fifteen thousand dollars & unavailable on the National Health Services.

Gastric pacing has been found to be risk-free & effectual for tackling morbid obesity in studies in Europe when it was conducted on 450 entrants globally. Study indicates that eighty percent of these people who opted for the surgery experienced weight loss subsequent to implanting the device, & sixty percent of the entrants shed ten percent of their weight over a span of twenty-nine months time they were followed up.

Weight Loss Tips For Obese Individuals Discussion On Effective Fat Burning Herbs

Below we have discussed about three of the most effective fat burning herbs:

Green tea:
Camellia sinesis is the source plant of green tea. This herb can help you in losing weight due to the presence of catechin in it, which is one type of polyphenol chemical. Other than being the source of green tea Camellia sinesis is also the source of other tea varieties like black tea and oolong; however, green tea offers significant fat burning properties as this tea variety involves use of unfermented leaves. A study conducted in the year 2008 showed that men consuming green tea regularly for 12 weeks lost 7.27 pounds more on an average compared to the weight lost by men having the placebo for same time period.

Coleus forskohlii:
The extracts of Coleus forskohlii or the herb itself is famous for its ability of reducing body weight. The traditional medicinal uses of Coleus forskohlii are in treating disorders ofthe nervous system, breathing difficulties, cardiovascular problems and digestive disorders. However, a study conducted in the year 2005 showed that Coleus forskohlii can effectively work in preventing weight gain. Another study conducted in the same year revealed that overweight men taking 500 mg Coleus forskohlii extracts every day for a period of 12 weeks experienced significant weight loss and gained lean muscles and enhanced bone mass.

This herb is native to African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon and Congo. The bark of yohimbe contains alkaloids, which gifts the herb its potent medicinal properties. The alkaloid found in this herb that offers maximum medicinal properties is known as yohimbine. Yohimbine offers several health benefits, out of which the prominent one is weight loss. A study conducted on the effects of yohimbine on body weight of obese individuals showed that women taking 20mg yohimbine every day for 3 weeks lost 2.95 pounds more on an average compared to women having only placebos.

How Abdominal Massage Helps Obese Individuals

Are you obese and in search of an easy weight loss remedy? One way of losing weight comfortably is by adding up sessions of abdominal massage into the weight loss routine. Abdominal massage will not only offer you ultimate relaxation, but will also enhance the effects of other weight loss procedures you have been trying; for instance exercise, dieting etc. The other benefits offered by abdominal massage include: improvement in digestive functions, increase in the muscle tone, stress reduction etc. Some studies have also shown that abdominal massage can successfully treat constipation, increase bowel movement and abdominal aches. All these conditions are associated with weight gain by some way or the other.

A recently conducted study has revealed that abdominal massage might also be effective for controlling blood pressure, boosting our immune system and increasing lymphatic flow in our body. According to the study, these attributes of abdominal massage make it a great remedy for edema, body aches, anxiety and stress, which are also common conditions in overweight and obese individuals.

When you are going for getting a massage done, you must make sure that you are seeking the services of a licensed and experienced massage therapist, who is trained for offering such services. Ask the therapist to show you his or her license; if the person is not ready to do so, it’s better not to seek the services of that individual. Also, never forget to consult your physician before going for abdominal massage (or any other massages).
Sometimes doctors don’t allow obese or overweight people with preexisting medical conditions like varicose veins, hypertension, history of getting blood clots, chronic injuries, cancer and pregnancy to undergo abdominal massage. Abdominal massage should also be avoided by people who have undergone a surgery recently.

Even if you are undergoing regular sessions of abdominal massage for weight loss, you must not stop taking part in the other weight loss procedures. The safest and the best weight loss remedy is: balancing between exercising, healthy eating, lifestyle modification, disease prevention and stress management.

Lose Weight With A Balloon In Your Tummy

Fitting an inflatable balloon in your abdomen could help in noteworthy weight reduction with hardly any associated side-effects, as per findings of one of the biggest-ever trials for assessment of the method.

The novel trial conducted by the scientists at the Medical Univ. of S. Carolina indicates that a silicone balloon whose insertion could be done in about a thirty minutes lasting method after anesthetizing the person (general) is most effectual at appetite reduction which then is instrumental in reducing ten percent of body weight over a span of a year’s time.

Though the method has been obtainable for several years, proof presently has shown that it could be a non-risky substitute toweight loss surgical procedure & increasing numbers of physicians are presently opting for it to treat moderate obesity in patients.

Study indicates that obesity tends to lessen life expectancies by nearly 7 years & costing the National Health Services around five billion pounds annually.

During the novel trial, physicians did an examination of data from almost three thousand patients that have undergone treatment globally to lose weight.

The so-dubbed ‘BIB balloon system’ partly can fill the stomach hence proffering a sense of fullness & satiety on consuming merely miniscule quantities of foods.

The silicone balloon insertion is done inside the tummy via oral route deploying assistance of a fine, narrow bendable tube known as a gastroscope that is deployed for feeding operative tools.

On placement, filling up of the inflatable balloon is done with five hundred millilitres of blue colour mix via a tubular structure in a gastroscope. This functions by reducing the abdominal capacity by one-quarter – the usual max capacity is duo litres. The colouring in the liquid helps patients in swiftly detecting leakages since on seepage the solution would be turning the urine bluish. These balloons are devised for intra-abdominal placement for 6 months.

Following this, surgeons would use a gastroscope for removing it in case the patients have achieved targeted weight loss or replacing it with a new one.

The novel study appears in the Mar. edition of the ‘Journal of the American Society For Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition’.

Though weight reduction isn’t as drastic as is the case with other kinds of surgical procedures like gastric bypass or banding – wherein weight reduction would be varying amid twenty-five to forty percent within a year’s time – the scientists state the method has lesser risks. Likely complications due to usual types of weight reduction surgeries entail blood loss, blood clot formations & infections.

Doctors who have conducted balloon surgery state that it is a rather basic, non invasive method with least side-effects like feeling nauseous, puking & cramping pains, however they generally would be resolving in 3-4 days.

To lose weight effectively it has to be merged with dietetic intake & lifestyle recommendation since no sooner has removal of the balloon been done following 6 or more months, individuals must be watchful about not re-piling on the pounds.

The BIB balloon system method has become increasingly popular plainly since increasing numbers of individuals have become conscious about its presence & latest proof indicate that it is working fine for people with lesser Body Mass Indexes.

But, it is even deployed for people with rather higher Body Mass Index of sixty to seventy – who are at an elevated risk at the time of operative method; hence they could lose weight to an extent that makes them eligible for risk-free surgical procedure.

However the true major gain is that the method doesn’t carry surgery-related side-effects. Moreover, it doesn’t rule out additional surgical method at a later-on date, must it be needed. The balloon method costing about five thousand pounds when done privately is yet lesser as compared to eight to ten thousand pounds in case of bariatric surgical procedure.

Weight Loss Medicines

An array of weight loss drugs abound in the market. Except when specially given instructions medically, one must be ideally opting for non-medication methods of weight loss. Caution must be taken when taking any weight loss drugs inclusive of OTC diet pill types & innate or herbal cures.

Green Tea

Possibly the finest substitute recommendation for overweight individuals is drinking tea. Research findings suggest that regularly drinking tea has been linked to lesser weight among individuals who did it for many years. Green tea is especially been linked to augmented energy being expended. A trial cited that those taking Exolise (extracted from green tea) experienced weight loss & lesser waistlines. Further proof is necessary for substantiating the outcomes of Exolise.

Hepatothermic Therapy

Also termed as thermogenic therapy, it is a strategy for weight reduction which works on the principle that particular innate compounds possess qualities which facilitate the liver in increasing energy in cells & stimulating metabolism. Hypothetically, the outcome will be fats reduction. Amongst the innate materials deployed in these products are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • CoQ10
  • EPA-laden fish oil
  • Fibrate medications
  • DHEA derivative types.
  • Pyruvate
  • Green tea polyphenol
  • Aspartate
  • Sesamin
  • Cilostazol
  • Chromium
  • Diazoxide

Almost the entire lot of currently obtainable dietetic aids have some combos of the just mentioned constituents. There is absence of proof that any of such constituents could proffer pounds reduction & several might also be having detrimental effects.

Chromium appears to be commonly present is several diet supplement forms like:
  • Twinlab
  • Xenadrine
  • Diet Fuel
  • Acutrim Natural

It is asserted to particularly facilitate fats being lost instead of lean muscles lost. There is proof which indicates that niacin bound chromium might bring about improvement in IR (insulin resistance). Though on the downbeat end, animal trials have indicated that it could cause damage to heritable matter in cells which can make the person sterile.


Or Xenical could assist around 1/3rd of patients suffering from obesity with modest weight reduction & could help in lastingly maintain pounds loss. It functions by holding back body fats being absorbed (by around thirty percent) in the intestinal region. Researches suggest that amid fifty to eighty percent of patient types could lose weight of five percent or more, based on other lifestyle amendments. It wouldn’t be working for each one of the patients, though in a review of orlistat takers, ten percent experienced weight gain or didn’t shed any weight & forty-three percent losing below five percent. Nonetheless, it might postpone or also avert the inception or advancement of diabetes & bring about improvement in levels of cholesterol, irrespective of weight reduction.

Orlistat could be causal to GI issues & might be interfering with fat soluble vitamin types being absorbed like E, D & A alongside several crucial nutrient types. The greasy faecal seepage from the anal area appears to be the nastiest of all side-effects. Fat restriction could lessen such effect. Bowel condition sufferers mustn’t take Orlistat. Despite such side-effects, majority of the patients are capable of tolerating Orlistat.


Or Meridia aids in balancing brain chemical NE & serotonin which functions as a metabolism-booster proffering a sense of satiety & increasing energy level. It might be especially beneficial for those who binge-eat. Trials suggest that it is effectual in losing weight, though it is observed to slow significantly following the initial 3 months. Sibutramine even seems to bring about improvements in lipids & cholesterol levels & other cardiovascular benefits.

Prevalent side-effects entail oral dryness, feeling constipated & sleeplessness. In one trial nearly fifty percent of the pill takers opted out due to them. Also cases have been cited of augmented cardiac rates & blood pressure, though a trial during 2001 suggests that blood pressure stabilization occurred over a period of time. However, presently it is adviced that individuals having a past of hypertension, cardiovascular ailment, strokes or arrhythmia are contraindicated. Also those taking medicines like SSRIs, MAOI, decongestant & bronchodilator types also mustn’t take Sibutramine.

Psychostimulants (some Sympathomimetics)

They function alike NE neurotransmitter & function as brain-stimulant. Several of them have approval to treat obese patients, however solely for interim usage. These comprise of Benzphetamine, Phentermine, Phendimetrazine. Of these Phenotermine is the commonest appetite-suppressor & lesser costlier as compared to orlistat. It doesn’t have lasting effects & could cause hypertension. Moreover, these medications are linked to depression that is an existent issue in several obesity cases. A Combo (Prozac + Phentermine) – Phen-Pro is being studied to resolve this issue.

Analytical Agents


Also known s Acomplia is a medication devised for blocking brain receptor linked to foods intake regulations. It even is observed to be targeting receptors in fatty tissues. The thousand entrant RIO-Lipids trial noted that the medicine takers experienced notable weight loss & trimmer waistline measurements.

Past trials using the medicines cited that obese people offered treatment of twenty milligrams of the drug shed considerably greater pounds & inch loss in their waistlines.


It functions by signalling the brains for appetite-suppression. It is found to be effectual in attaining pounds loss & even bringing about improvement in levels of lipids, cholesterol & blood sugar, irrespective of foods consumption. The drug could especially be helpful to type II diabetes patients. Preliminary trial outcomes noted that acutely obese people taking the medication shed increasing amount of weight than placebo-takers. Almost forty-six percent of patients shed a minimum of ten pounds in comparison to five percent of those not taking the drug. Also the patients were able to tolerate the medication fine and cited no grave side-effects.


Or Zonegran, is an anti-convulsant agent additionally been studied for weight reduction. During a trial, people taking it shed increasing amount of weight as compared to dummy takers. It augments the chances of developing kidney stone that could be lowered with augmented consumption of fluids & citrate. Moreover, other linked side-effects are lowered perspiration & an abrupt increase in body temperature, particularly in sultry climatic conditions, feeling dizzy, forgetful, headaches & feeling nauseous.


Or Topamax is also an anti-convulsant drug being probed for pounds loss. Trio scientific studies have cited that people using it shed more pounds as compared to dummy takers. Weight lost was observed to last for nearly a year. The medicine is even being researched for those with binge-eat conditions linked to obesity.

Hcg Diet Separating Fact From Fiction

So which of the below mentioned assertions are right regarding the hCG diet?
  • One could shed thirty pounds in a month’s time.
  • Scores of dieters are swearing by it.
  • Physicians state that it fails in working.
  • The United States FDA labels hCG supplements unlawful & deceitful.

Astonishingly, each one of them is true. Let us understand the hCG diet in greater depth for de-mystifying several myths.

What is the hCG diet all about?

The hCG diet merges tremendous calorific restraint with everyday hormonal injections (hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin gestational hormone). The diet necessitates consuming merely five hundred calories daily.

Although one would be losing excess weight when on the diet, but it is only a natural expected result given that meals are skipped & acute restraint on foods are deployed. When one sticks to a diet comprising of merely five hundred calories daily then it is likely to shed five or more pounds in seven days.

The reason why physicians do not suggest this diet is that one is incapable of keeping off that weight. Ten or more years of studies has shown that when one diets by consuming merely five hundred calories everyday, one tends to pile on quite a lot of pounds once the diet ends. It has become increasingly evident that crash dieting causes no greater weight reduction following a year’s time than when one moderately lowers calorific intake & augments exercising.

Moreover, it is not safe. It is common knowledge that starvation is never favourable for the body. Factually, researchers have corroborated this too. Also there are grave dangers to health when one consumes merely five hundred calories daily. The CDC has by now looked into more than twelve mortalities associated to such exceedingly less calorific diets dating back to the seventies. Certainly, majority of the individuals wouldn’t be dying due to following this diet, however several would suffer from health conditions such as hair fall, feeling constipated & gall stone (an agonizing condition which mostly necessitates surgical intervention).

In case one experiences any unfavourable side-effects due to the diet then one must discontinue the diet, notify your doctor & FDA at the earliest.

The hCG shots

Do they increase the diet’s efficacy?

Actually, the answer is negative. Supporters of this diet assert that on injecting the individual with hCG hormone hunger isn’t felt although they are not consuming food. The notion of deploying hCG shots as an appetite suppressant was pioneered over five decades back & has been meticulously researched in more than twelve or so ably conducted studies. Each of these studies have proven that hCG shots weren’t superior as compared to administering a shot of saline water dummy due to which reason it isn’t deployed typically by doctors for weight reduction.

Are they making the diet any safe?

Regrettably, the shots do not make self-starving any safe & actually may be making it more perilous. How safe is it to inject a pregnancy hormone inside a female (& male) when they have consumed that less calories hasn’t yet been researched in-depth. Even though these shots can have lasting health impact, the reality is that it’s yet unknown.

hCG Drops – Do they work?

Hcg is even vended across shops & online in drops form. As administration of more than 100 IU hCG is unproven to promote weight reduction, drops that scarcely have hCG don’t work.

Moreover, these drops are illegal & the hCG hormone hasn’t received approval to be in any item that is vended direct to end users.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a general pattern in the body’s overall metabolism wherein the individual affected would have malevolent ailments like excessive fat around waistline, soaring levels of blood pressure, blood glucose and lipids (triglycerides) and sapped HDL cholesterol levels. Those with metabolic syndrome that do not have these conditions have a high likelihood of developing diabetes.

Collectively, these set of health issues raise the possibility of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Metabolic Syndrome Causes:

Metabolic syndrome is the consequence of detrimental lifestyle that comprises of excess calorie intake, being immobile and weight gain especially on the waistline, that leads to the body becoming insulin resistant, elevated blood glucose levels and eventually leading to type 2 diabetes.

Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms:

Type 2 diabetes.
Impeded glucose tolerance – a mild version of pre-Type 2 diabetes condition.
High cholesterol levels known as hypercholesterolemia, high triglyceride levels and depleted HDL levels.
Being obese and prominent abdominal obesity.
High BMI or Body Mass Index.
Disproportionate waist girth.
High waist to hip ratio.
High levels of prothrombin.
Microalbumina – increased protein excretion into urine.
Irregular fasting blood sugar.
Impeded glucose tolerance, insulin resistance.
Problems in weight reduction.
Peripheral neuropathy – depleted functioning of the peripheral nervous system.
Blurry vision.
PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.
Hormonal issues.
Depressive tendencies.
Heart palpitations.
Weariness, exhaustion.
Skin ailments like paleness, utricaria, acne, allergy and spotty skin.
Memory difficulties.
Unnatural blood clotting pattern.
Transitory attacks of apnea during sleep.
Aging, family past of diabetes or gestational diabetes, lack of physical exercise are among the factors that raise the chances of developing metabolic syndrome. Even belonging to race like Afro-American, Hispanics, Asian-American breed are at greater risk than white people for getting type 2 diabetes.

Diagnosis & Tests:

After examining the patient’s medical past, the doctor would carry out a physical examination and some simplistic blood tests. The diagnosis of metabolic syndrome would be confirmed if three or more of the below stated risk factors are diagnosed. The following criteria are followed under the guidelines created by the American Heart Association.

Obesity in the waistline – more than 40 inches in men or more than 35 inches in women. In Asian men having waist girth more than 36 inches and Asian women with waist size more than 32 inches.
Having Triglyceride levels 150mg/dL or more or on medications for elevated triglycerides.
Depleted HDL levels of lower than 40mg/ dL in men or lesser than 50 mg/ dL or on medications for high blood pressure.
Having blood pressure of 130/85 mm Hg or more, or having medicines for high blood pressure.
Fasting blood sugar levels being 100mg /dL or more, or having medicines for increased blood glucose.
Metabolic Syndrome Treatment:

The chief line of treatment in metabolic syndrome is to lower the risk of getting coronary arterial disease or CAD and diabetes. The preliminary strategies for treating metabolic syndrome are:

Maintaining ideal BMI and weight. Losing excess weight as it aids in lowering cholesterol and associated risk factors.
Insufficient form of physical activity is the chief risk element. Doing regular physical exercise lowers the VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein) and LDL levels, increases HDL cholesterol and in certain cases known to lower LDL levels. It could additionally aid in lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, reducing insulin resistance and improving heart functioning.
After determining risk factor for getting CAD, treatment is undertaken to decrease LDL to apposite level alongside treating other associated risk factors inclusive of raised blood pressure and insulin resistance.
Metabolic SyndromePossible Complications:

Type 2 Diabetes.
Impeded glucose tolerance.
Elevated levels of cholesterol.
Excess weight.
Impeded glucose tolerance.

Maintaining healthy lifestyles, eating right and exercising regularly would go a long way in keeping this condition at bay.