South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet works on the principle of ‘love what you eat while losing weight’ and improving overall health. Adopting the South Beach diet entails enjoying plentiful relishing and satisfying meals inclusive of:

  • Nutrient and fiber dense fruit, veggie and whole grain varieties.
  • Lean protein sources.
  • Less fat milk products.
  • Legumes.
  • Healthy fats like canola, extra virgin olive oil, omega-3 and nuts.

Dieticians concur that following such an eating program is the keystone to maintenance of a healthful body & heart. Hence, this diet is an apt inculcation for all and not merely those keen on loosing pounds. Regularly exercising would aid in boosting body metabolism and avert frustrations arising due to plateau period in weight loss program.

The bendable and accommodative nature of the South Beach Diet helps in better adherence and one is allowed every day intake of sweet or dessert.

Three-Phased South Beach Diet

Phase I – Elimination of Yearning & Kick-starting Weight Reduction

The foremost phase is the briefest one lasting for merely duo weeks and created for eliminating hankerings for refined sugar or starch forms and for jump starting weight reduction among people having surplus weight to shed. The objective of this phase is blood glucose stabilization for minimizing all craving and is ideally suited for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes and even those needing to shed pounds.

The emphasis of the fourteen day phase is to eat plentiful wholesome and scrumptious food types for satisfying one’s appetite like lean protein sources  like sea food, fishes; de-skinned white meats and beef lean cut; fiber rich vegetables; less-fat cheese; egg; soy protein; unsaturated and healthful fats present in avocado, nut, seed types, canola, extra virgin olive oils. In this phase, elimination of all starch sources like pastas, rice and breads in any form and sugar (inclusive of fruit/or their juice) is done.

Phase II – Slow and Steady Weight Loss

It is a long-standing weight reduction stage of the diet plan and ideal for those keen on losing ten pounds or lesser or those not having craving issues, or excessive abdominal fats or merely wish to enhance their health.

Phase II is a continuum of the earlier phase with additions of healthful carbohydrates like whole grain bread, whole wheat pastas, fruit, brown rice and several nutritionally high root veggies such as sweet potato. This phase is created for eventual weight reduction since it is believed to lead to lasting maintenance of lost weight.

Phase III – Lifetime Maintenance

The third phase is intended to maintain the healthy weight achieved from the earlier two phases and works on the analogous beliefs as them. However the key difference is that since it is a life-long stage of the diet program hence it permits for more regular treats. During the phase III, one continues following the standards that were part of the earlier duo phases and continually choosing right foods which permits one in maintaining ideal weight for lifetime.

How the South Beach Diet aids in Improving Health

Eminent preventative heart specialist Dr. Arthur Agatston is the founder of the South Beach diet that emphasises health improvement and losing surplus pounds for attaining it. The diet could reduce detrimental levels of blood pressure, cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides (blood fats) and normalize blood glucose. The  diet works by lowering unremitting inflammation which is believed to don a part in development of varied niggling health conditions like cancers, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

One could avail over a thousand yummy healthy food recipes at (no follow) that allows one to tailor-make meal plans for best suiting personal tastes.

Essential Oils For Doms

DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a grave and excruciating condition afflicting nearly all athletes and those starting off on a new-fangled exercise regime. It is not similar to the severe pains experienced due to muscle sprains or strains. DOMS sufferers would classically sense worsening in the initial few days post-exercising and justify evading exercising or skipping their subsequent training.
Specialists earlier believed that DOMS arose as a result of lactic acid produced during glycolysis. But it is lately being deemed that the free radicals harm hydroxyproline present in the connective tissue which is a component of collagen.

Novel movements can lead to tear and swellings that cause tenderness. But, it is often the eccentric contraction occurring in muscles which makes them forcefully constrict during lengthening which is contributory to DOMS. Activities like climbing down stairways, downwards moves like squat, push-up, sprinting downwards or when weights are lowered could all trigger DOMS.

Doing stretches, amply hydrating yourself, engaging in pre-exercise warming up sessions and massages are some measures for preventing and reducing DOMS. It is important to bear in mind that advanced intensity training augments the chances of developing DOMS.

It is always prudent to include antioxidants pre and post training sessions for minimizing or reducing DOMS incidence. Several antioxidants that could be taken include:

  • CoQ10
  • L-Glutathione
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Vitamins C,E
  • Zinc
  • Grape seed extracts
  • Niacin
  • Selenium
  • N-acetyl cysteine

Different types of rehydrating drinks having carbs, ascorbates & electrolytes must ideally be consumed.

The rich antioxidant presence in essential oils alongside potent therapeutic properties makes them the most ideal choice.

For over-exerted muscle groups here are several potent concoctions that could be tried for providing reprieve.

In a tepid bath adding three droplets of marjoram and duo droplets lemon and following with the massage oil mentioned herewith:

Massage Oil for Overly strained muscle groups

Five drops each of peppermint, ginger & eucalyptus are to be mixed together and then diluted in one tablespoonful of vegetable oil.

Concoctions for Muscle Soreness

Eight drops each of lemon, juniper & lavender are to be coalesced with four drops rosemary cineol and ten drops of birch/wintergreen for relieving muscle soreness.

Another soothing blend could be made by mixing in duo drops each of valerian & elemi, four drops of rosemary cineol, nine drops of cypress and eight drops lavender.

One could also try the following essential oils which could be just as beneficial.

  • Roman Chamomile
  • Spruce
  • Black pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Peppermint
  • Basil

De Bloating Foods

Flattening your tummy in below a week’s time is now easier than ever. The guidelines charted out herewith are devised for reducing fluid retention, relieving gassiness and eliminating weighty solids.

One could effortlessly shed around seven pounds in merely four days by adding these de bloating foods to daily intake. So, try making the following food switches and look trimmer faster.

Seasoning Foods in a different way

Clever Switch

Try adding punch & zest to meal times by using salt-less seasoning mixes like the unique ‘Mrs. Dash Italian Medley’ prepared from 100% innate herb-spice blend.

Steer Clear From These

Food forms having undergone high processing, salt and any seasoning having salt presence.


One might be tempted to use the salt-shaker, though water also does. During those times when one consumes more than normal quantities of salt-laden foods, one momentarily retains additional fluid contributory to the trademark sluggishness, puffiness in look and additional water weight.

Parched? Hit the Water

Clever Switch

A pleasant fizzy drink could ‘hit-the-sweet-spot’ when thirst strikes. However one has to forego the fizz when one is on the assignment of tackling muffin-tops. Try drinking filtered tap water to maintain optimal hydration and ensuring to chug down no less than eight glassfuls of water daily.

A delectable substitute is glugging down ‘Sassy Water’ whose exceptional constituents are not merely present for flavouring, ginger presence aids in calming and soothing the gastrointestinal tract.

Steer Clear From These

Diet soda and all other types of carbonated beverages are to be evaded at all costs.


The tingling bubbles present in these beverages only ends up in your belly and causing abdominal puffiness.


Clever Switch

Using a multi-grain bread piece for noon meal and packing into additional protein such as less-fat stringy cheeses, fish, tofu or turkey slivers. Another great swap for the noon-time pretzel punch is going for de bloating foods like nut or seed types as ideal snacks. For the final meal of the day try sticking to brown/black rice in case one is hung-up on having starch.

Steer Clear From These

Carbohydrate-rich food types such as pastas, pretzel, cereal, bagel.


For stand-by energy resource, the body’s muscles stockpile a carb form known as glycogen. 1gm glycogen is stored up with around three gms water. However until one is having a energetic exercising regimen, then there is no necessity of all that accrued energy. When carbohydrates are decreased by a person, he/she transitorily trains the body for accessing this piled out fuel and exhuming it. During the analogous instant, one drains off surplus stocked up fluids.

Shrivelling Fruit/Veggie

Clever Switch

Undoubtedly eating vegetables is a must, though merely eating them after cooking or steam them (swift and uncomplicated). Though bear in mind to forego the salt.

Steer Clear From These

Raw form of veggie, fresh fruit forms.


A ½ bowl serve of carrot (post-cooking) could deliver the analogous nutritional potency similar to a cupful of raw carrot; however it consumes lesser space in the gastrointestinal tract. The analogous holds true for fresh fruit types – Try comparing the sizes of a grape to that a raisin- sizeable variation.

Holding the fiery Sauces

Clever Switch

Many of us adore their foods to be highly spiced. In case you belong to this category then laying off the BBQ sauce & garlic for a couple of days when one is attempting to de-bloat oneself.

Your dish could be made flavoursome by adding freshly picked herb or dry forms of them such as:

  • Tarragon
  • Dill
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Mint

Try lemon or its fresh extracts or even curry powder to add that zing to meats.

Steer Clear From These

  • Clove
  • Tomato sauce
  • Black pepper
  • Spicy sauces
  • Garlic
  • Vinegar
  • Onion
  • Horseradish
  • Mustard
  • Catsup
  • Nutmeg


Hot food types encourage the discharge of irritation-inducing abdominal acids.

Chucking Chewing Gums

Clever Switch

Those habituated to chewing gums or simply prefer biting on some crispy foods then go for de bloating foods like plain sunflower seeds or other nut forms (toasted/raw).

Steer Clear From These



While chewing gums one is essentially swallowing air which then accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract causing bloated feeling, expanded tummy and pressure – which all will hamper the efforts of having a flattish midriff.

Fried Foods Flop

Clever Switch

Fried foods are big no-no. Instead try taking a swift five-minute walk following a fry-free healthful meal. When the body is moved it aids in releasing air accrued in the gastrointestinal tract, is pressure-allaying and reduces bloating. One could saunter for more time too though one would require walking for minimal five minutes to set matters into motion within the tummy.

Steer Clear From These

All foods post-frying are to be evaded.


Digestion of fried food forms is quite sluggish which causes excess fullness felt in the belly and guess what unzipping becomes a necessity at this time.

Gassiness Causing Vegetables

Clever Switch

Vegetables post-cooking are advisable however there are some gas-eliciting vegetables to be skipped like cauliflower, cabbage, legume, Brussels sprouts. As a substitute try cooking mushroom, French beans & squashes for a scrumptious dinner-time option.

Steer Clear From These

  • Onion
  • Citrusy fruit forms
  • Legumes
  • Cabbage
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cauliflower


Some food forms basically produce additional gassiness in the gastrointestinal tract.

Ditching Diet food

Clever Switch

Sugar alcohols (maltitol/xylitol) present in low-cal or low-carbohydrate product types are best sworn off. Rather try satisfying sugary cravings by consuming fresh fruits alternatives just explained.

Steer Clear From These

Sugar alcohols


Largely sugar alcohols are not readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to gassiness, bloated feeling and loose bowels.

Avoid Acidic Beverages

Clever Switch

Instead try drinking filtered plain water or tummy-calming Sassy water.

Steer Clear From These

Alcoholic drinks, coffees, teas, acidic-natured fruit juice forms or hot cocoa.


Though foregoing the dusk-time cuppa coffee/tea could be hard to let go though it is only for a couple of days. These offenders are acid-rich drinks causing irritation to the gastrointestinal tract and leading to swell up of the body.

Are There Any Safe Alternatives To Aspirin

Aspiring helps in warding off heart attack & stroke by averting blood clot formation. However for some groups of people aspirin is not advisable. For instance, the gains against heart attacks are applicable chiefly for males who are forty-five years or more & the gains against strokes chiefly for females in the age of fifty-five years and more. Also, aspirin could be causal to dodgy GI bleeding hence it is definitely contraindicated for individuals with a past of abdominal ulcers or some blood loss issues. Yet, several studies indicate that merely twenty percent of females & fourteen percent of males who must take aspirin are truly doing so.

Here are ways of identifying whether the gains are outweighing the risks for a particular individual.

Undergo Screening

Irrespective of how old one is, those at augmented risk for heart attacks or strokes in most cases require taking aspirin for protecting their heart. These include people having:

  • Ailed from a past stroke, TIA or heart attack.
  • Angina – chest pains worsening while exercising and easing once one rests.
  • Being through PTAS or CAS or coronary by-pass operation.
  • Diabetic.

Males in-between forty-five and seventy-nine years of age sans this history might additionally be benefited from daily intake of aspirin, however for ascertaining whether they require it, seeking medical opinion is necessary for ascertaining their risk of suffering from heart attacks in the subsequent decade on the basis of factors like cholesterol, blood-pressure readings and whether smoker or not. To assist in ascertaining this, the NCEP’s heart attack risk calculator is of great assistance.

Females in the age group of fifty-five and seventy-nine years old mostly are benefited however solely in case they are at an augmented risk of suffering from strokes in the subsequent decade dependent on several of the analogous risk factors. The USPSTF’s stroke calculator could vastly aid in ascertaining this.

Irrespective of the sex, aspirin treatment must be restricted to people not at an augmented risk of GI bleeding. Among males and females eighty years and more, there is yet not ample proof for knowing with certainty if aspirin is helpful or not.

Omega-3’s as Substitute for Aspirin?

Even though omega-3 fatty acids do help in thinning blood to some extent, the effect pale when contrasted against the effective anti-clotting properties of aspirin. The advantages linked to omega-3 fatty acids include a lesser risk of another heart attack, possibly stemming from other outcomes these have on the heart like arrhythmia prevention.

Hence in case one is taking aspirin everyday then making omega-3 fatty acid as an adjunct to this regime rather than an alternative is highly recommended by several specialists. Individuals having cardiovascular ailment must ideally be aiming for one gram daily derived from fish oil in supplemental form. Individuals in good health require solely two gms per week that they could easily obtain from duo serves of fatty fishes.

Important Tips for Safe Usage of Aspirin

For maximizing the advantages and minimizing risks related to aspirin intake here are few crucial pointers to bear in mind.

Sticking to less-dosage (eighty-one mg baby aspirin)

Baby aspirin has analogous efficacy as standard adult pills (strength over three hundred milligrams) & have lesser likelihood of harming the gut & causing complications. The sole exemption is in case one thinks that one is experiencing a heart attack then in such a scenarios promptly call emergency helpline numbers and then chewing and swallowing a 325 milligrams pill of aspirin.

Protecting the Gut

For individuals with a past of abdominal blood loss however their physicians recommend intake of low-dosage aspirin anyways, they should ideally be asking for inclusion of abdomen-shielding medicines like:

  • Misoprostol – Cytotec & generic version
  • Omeprazole – Prilosec Over-the-Counter, Prilosec & generic version.

In case one is yet incapable of tolerating aspirin or one’s peril of GI bleeding is quite elevated then asking the doctor to recommend another blood thinner drug.

Not Stopping Intake By Yourself

One must not suddenly halt the intake of aspirin since it eradicates its shielding advantages & may augment risk past initial levels by increasing the likelihood of platelet in blood and forming blood clot. In case a person does require stopping aspirin intake, perhaps prior to surgical intervention then doing so as momentarily as doable.

Not Combining Aspirin intake with associated pain allayers

Drugs like naproxen (Aleve & generic) or ibuprofen (Advil & generic) have chemical composition associated with aspirin hence their intake in unison could proliferate the risk of abdominal issues. Also these medicines could weaken blood-thinning outcomes of aspirin. In case one has to use these drugs then taking aspirin no less than 4 hours prior to taking them. This would provide it the opportunity of doing its task while not competing against other drugs.

Hcg Diet Separating Fact From Fiction

So which of the below mentioned assertions are right regarding the hCG diet?
  • One could shed thirty pounds in a month’s time.
  • Scores of dieters are swearing by it.
  • Physicians state that it fails in working.
  • The United States FDA labels hCG supplements unlawful & deceitful.

Astonishingly, each one of them is true. Let us understand the hCG diet in greater depth for de-mystifying several myths.

What is the hCG diet all about?

The hCG diet merges tremendous calorific restraint with everyday hormonal injections (hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin gestational hormone). The diet necessitates consuming merely five hundred calories daily.

Although one would be losing excess weight when on the diet, but it is only a natural expected result given that meals are skipped & acute restraint on foods are deployed. When one sticks to a diet comprising of merely five hundred calories daily then it is likely to shed five or more pounds in seven days.

The reason why physicians do not suggest this diet is that one is incapable of keeping off that weight. Ten or more years of studies has shown that when one diets by consuming merely five hundred calories everyday, one tends to pile on quite a lot of pounds once the diet ends. It has become increasingly evident that crash dieting causes no greater weight reduction following a year’s time than when one moderately lowers calorific intake & augments exercising.

Moreover, it is not safe. It is common knowledge that starvation is never favourable for the body. Factually, researchers have corroborated this too. Also there are grave dangers to health when one consumes merely five hundred calories daily. The CDC has by now looked into more than twelve mortalities associated to such exceedingly less calorific diets dating back to the seventies. Certainly, majority of the individuals wouldn’t be dying due to following this diet, however several would suffer from health conditions such as hair fall, feeling constipated & gall stone (an agonizing condition which mostly necessitates surgical intervention).

In case one experiences any unfavourable side-effects due to the diet then one must discontinue the diet, notify your doctor & FDA at the earliest.

The hCG shots

Do they increase the diet’s efficacy?

Actually, the answer is negative. Supporters of this diet assert that on injecting the individual with hCG hormone hunger isn’t felt although they are not consuming food. The notion of deploying hCG shots as an appetite suppressant was pioneered over five decades back & has been meticulously researched in more than twelve or so ably conducted studies. Each of these studies have proven that hCG shots weren’t superior as compared to administering a shot of saline water dummy due to which reason it isn’t deployed typically by doctors for weight reduction.

Are they making the diet any safe?

Regrettably, the shots do not make self-starving any safe & actually may be making it more perilous. How safe is it to inject a pregnancy hormone inside a female (& male) when they have consumed that less calories hasn’t yet been researched in-depth. Even though these shots can have lasting health impact, the reality is that it’s yet unknown.

hCG Drops – Do they work?

Hcg is even vended across shops & online in drops form. As administration of more than 100 IU hCG is unproven to promote weight reduction, drops that scarcely have hCG don’t work.

Moreover, these drops are illegal & the hCG hormone hasn’t received approval to be in any item that is vended direct to end users.

Head Injury Preventative 5 Step Strategy In Contact Sports

A harrowing link between contact sports like football & diagnoses of a degenerating brain condition – CTE or chronic boxer’s encephalopathy in many of the retiree NFL players has emerged. The similar condition has even been noted in NHL players.

Here is advice on top ways to avoid head injury which could have several ensuing repercussions.

Changing that helmet

In regards to the helmet, the can’t thought is that the National Football League requires delving inside its sack of technologic ploys for coming up with a far safe, protected & layering product which actually is utter baloney. In pro-football, hard hits are serious & when heads get hit by three-hundred-pounds males dashing mid-air at full-throttle towards them, no level of exterior shielding would be capable of saving that player’s brains from jangling against his cranium. Head injury, concussions are bound to occur & there isn’t anything noteworthy which could be done in such circumstance. A helmet is capable of shielding only to a certain extent.

Till the National Football League legalized plastic-make football helmets in the later part of the forties, headgears of players were of leather-make – soft-textured, comparatively yielding leather that shielded, well, nobody. However, this is the point to be taken into consideration. Teens puff cigarettes since they are immature & slow to understand, needing daily apparent evidence to prove how detrimental smoking could be. None would be smoking if faces would be rotting off with a cigarette gust. The analogous even holds true in case of football. Since brain injuries are internally occurring & mostly taking many years in manifesting, hence many a football player would generally not be thinking much when they lead with their heads. In case hypothetically-speaking, implementation of leather-make helmet was done – might be it could be tried for 1-2 games. Then many a noggin would turn gory, craniums cracking & ear bleeds – & that would be it.

Overlook the wishes of NFL managerial staff & holders

There is ongoing fight amid the NFL & union regarding varied matters in an attempt to avert lockouts. Among the main points is the NFL’s incessant greed for moving from sixteen to eighteen usual season for its lucrative gains. Players must seriously not be doing it as under those ostentatious uniforms, perky presenters & teasingly semi-nude cheer-leading femme fatales, National Football is ‘vicious & violent’. More the number of games played, greater the hit count and greater harm inflicted to the head or head injury cases.

Suspending players for the season

Undeniably games would be losing something when a defensive player would have to be checking his hits & football is intrinsically brutal. However at the day’s conclusion, football is just a game. Stated otherwise, the issue has to be taken with greater seriousness even though value of the product is lessened.

Necessitate every trainer to have zero wager in a team’s triumph

The National Football League truly wishes for each one of its thirty-two chief-trainers in diagnosing player injury in an honest & blunt manner, insisting that such men cannot gain from a triumphant season or be suffering from a lost season.

In case some players seem to have been injured, then trainers mustn’t be having any individual disagreement regarding whether to propose removal of the players from the games. However what in case the Title was on-the-line or in case just forty-five seconds left & the star player has taken a brutal hit to the head – he’s giddy – though the team is depending on him – the player heroically states he is capable of playing.
The trainer states that he could play – and there a juicy hand-out that hangs high. What’s the coach to do?

Get the veterans speaking to all teams when they train

Ex-players and those who actually struggled with head injury, concussions complications would have precious pearls of wisdom to offer to players when they train.

Anti Radiation Diet

On exposure to radioactive contaminations it is imperative that one gets riddance of all radioactive matter which may have been inhaled, ingested via foods or liquids.

Though the suggestions of Clorox, clay & Epson salt baths for removal of radioactive residue from the skin & leaching out any absorbed heavy metals is fine, however the major concern is internally-present contamination.

During the Hiroshima & Nagasaki atom bombing, Doctor T. Akizuki from Saint Francis’s Hosp. at Nagasaki offered his employees & sufferers in the hospital a stringent dietetic intake of:

  • Miso soup
  • Wakame
  • Tamari soy soup
  • Brown rice
  • Kombu & some seaweeds
  • Hokkaido pumpkin

Prohibition of sugared & sweet intake was also followed as they are believed to be suppressing immune system. Following this diet imposition, none of the followers were observed to succumb to radiation poisoning while those patients in hospitals situated at a greater distance from the explosion event ailed from acute radiation casualties.

Largely such favourable outcome was due to sea veggies having constituents which are capable of binding to the radioactive particle matter & eliminating them out of the body. Hence, it has been observed that seaweed would be selling like hot cakes following radiation mishaps & the reason why varied types of seaweed & algae are being classically deployed for treating radiation sufferers.

During the Chernobyl radiation calamity, spirulina (five gm. per day for forty-five days) was deployed for salvaging kids from radiation poisoning, as an immunity-booster, to lessen radioactivity & improve T cell numbers in the body. Researchers from Israel have since then given treatment with dosages of innate b-carotene from Dunaliella Salina algae to Chernobyl kids which proved to assist with normalizing blood volume & composition. Chlorella is another type of algae which is identified to boost immune system & detoxify heavy metals and having radiation-shielding effects.

Several trial outcomes noted that sea veggies have a polysaccharide matter known as sodium alginate that in a selective manner has been observed to bond to radioactive substances & gets rid of it from the body. This constituent has even been observed to be present in seaweed types, particularly kelp which on isolation yields polysaccharide U-Fucoidan which is also a potent detox agent.

The presence of zybicolin in miso soup functions as a fastening agent for detoxifying & eliminating radioactive substances & several contaminants from the system.

The intake of green & black tea has been proven to have radiation-shielding properties – irrespective of consumption pre or post radiation exposures.

In essence, Anti-radiation diet would lay emphasis of the below mentioned food forms:
  • Cruciferous veggies & b-carotene laden veggies.
  • Food forms high in calcium, minerals & potassium.
  • Miso soup
  • Algae forms, chlorella & spirulina.
  • Evade wheat and sugared foods.
  • Multi-minerals & vitamins in supplemental form.
  • Bean, lentil varieties.
  • Olive oil.
  • Nucleotide-rich foods to help in cell reparation like yeast, liver, anchovie, chlorella, sardine, mackerels, algae, spirulina.

The elevated mineral composition of sea vegetables are an additional benefit when tackling radioactive exposure.

Intake of innate iodine like that present in seaweed, zinc, vitamin B12, sulphur is all crucial for detoxifying the body after radiation exposure.

The use of thiol in supplemental form like NAC, glutathione & cysteine are believed to attack in a dual manner by detoxifying the body & resolving any type of health issue. Siberian ginseng, bee pollen, yeasts, reishi mushroom & b-glucans has been observed to reduce radiation side-effects and boost immune system. Methylsulfonylmethane dietary supplements offer sulphur which tends to be in deficit amounts among those exposed to some radioactive substances.

Panax ginseng averts hemorrhages, encourages blood cells production & averts bone marrow fatality after being exposed to radiation. Aloe Vera has established benefits in treating grave burn cases of radiation.

Inclusion of juiced beets, extracts of spleen & liver, shark liver oil alongside intake of l-glutamine are all found to bring about improvement in blood composition.

As kidney is generally the foremost of the organs to exhibit chemical harm after radiation exposures hence in the armed forces the advised dosages or infusion of baking soda is done for assistance in alkanizing urine in case it occurs.

Intake of slight alkaline water is believed to be favouring a non acidic dietetic intake for ably detoxifying the body.

Chelated Chromium is mostly administered intravenously for getting riddance from heavy metal presences in the body. For maintain ideal thyroid health, iodine + kelp is offered to people who faced radiation exposure.

Zinc has been found to innately bind to these contaminant substances for facilitating smooth passage & exit outside the body. Even milk thistle is believed to proffer the analogous advantages. Burdock root has been researched lately for the assertions of assisting with circulatory health & corroborated in trials.

Black Foods For Best Health

Green vegetables have always been vouched as the superlative food for us; however dark veggie, grain & fruit varieties too are dietary power houses – anthocyanin proffering the colour – plant pigment which might lessen risk for cardiovascular ailment, cancers & diabetes.

Factually, black-coloured foods possess greater antioxidant levels as compared to the lighter coloured ones due to their rich pigment contents.

Black Rice

Many of us are aware of the goodness of brown rice, however black rice takes it a notch further since the bran hulls contain considerably more vitamin E levels that boost immunity & shield cells from free radical harm. Factually, black rice has greater anthocyanin antioxidant presences as compared to blueberry, as per a trial by LSU Agricultural Center.

Black Lentil

Such iron-laden legumes provide around eight mg per cupful, offering nearly fifty percent of the everyday need of eighteen mg for females. Lentil additionally boasts of peak amounts of soluble fiber that might help in lowering cholesterol as well as bring about improvement in immune functioning, as per a novel Univ. of Illinois trial.


The polyphenol presences in blackberries might aid in reducing cognitively occurring dip in elderly age by clearing up cells which hamper brain functioning, scientists from HNRCA, Boston state. Moreover, these darkish berries are amazingly fiber-laden – a cupful having nearlyeight from the twenty-five gm. day-to-day requirement.

Black Bean

The darkish casings of this bean variety are bioflavonoid-rich – high-potency plants based nutrients which could shield from cancers, a Cornell Univ. trial finding.

Black Soybean

A trial from Korea uncovered that consuming black soybean could aid in reducing thrombosis risk – a deadly blood clot form – even more potent as compared to green or yellow soybean. Soybeans oil has ALA (alpha linolenic acid), a form of omega-3’s which might lessen cardiovascular disease risk.

Black Tea

Though white & green tea varieties have been hyped for their health benefits, however even black tea has its advantages. Antioxidant theaflavins present in black tea may well bring about improvement in muscular tenderness following an arduous workout and even be lowering heart attack risk, according to a N. Jersey-based Rutgers Univ. trial.

Earth Day 2011 And The Biggest Green Celebs

Earth Day 2011 falls on a Friday & happily coincides with ‘Good Friday’ celebrated by Christians & Jews celebrating Passover. It has been a yearly endeavour at making the public more aware regarding the environment & inspiring deeds for cleaning it up which now marks its forty-first anniversary.

In an endeavour called ‘A Billion Acts of Green’, coordinators are egging on individuals for observing Earth Day 2011 by taking an oath by visiting the site (NO-FOLLOW) for doing their bit with sustainability in mind for improving Mother Earth’s health – like for instance, switch to energy-saving lighting or changing to compact bright lighting bulb, lowering the usage of pesticide & several lethal chemical products.

Scores of individuals would do their bit, personal actions could all have a cumulative effect for bringing out a true change. Several hundred public meetings, workshops & events are being held all through the U.S., the birth place of Earth Day & several more noted abroad where it is currently honoured in 192 nations.

Earth Day 2011 activities in the U.S. would be ranging from the novel flick ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ premiering at N.Y. Tribeca Film Fest to a symposium regarding creation of a greener financial system in twelve nations down the Gulf Coast, the location wherein at this time during 2010 those residing there had suffered from the impact of BP oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ever since the time when the foremost Earth Day was commemorated in the seventies the environmental crusade has indeed made notable advancements with several crucial Acts being passed like Clean Water & Air, Endangered specie & several pioneering regulations.

However, the bipartition marking the origin of Earth Day – was mostly absent in the discussion regarding environmental plan presently.

Endeavours at fighting climate modification by regulation of greenhouse emissions, for example are facing tough opposition by several people from the Republican Party & associates of the business society who are disputing that the science is backing global-warming & cautioned that novel rules for regulating emissions would be killing vocations & raising energy expenses.

And certainly there’s going to be an influx of speeches by varied celebs in their attempts at raising awareness about the situation of our Mother Earth & sustainability. Some of them have in fact already taken this matter with utmost seriousness.

Here’s a listing of celebs that have definitely scored big time through their Green endeavours.

George Clooney

Although the actor appears to be advocating for multiple causes, he actually did prove his mettle as an environmental activist by assisting in founding ‘OilChange’, an association committed to freeing U.S. from its reliance on overseas oil. Clooney’s been assisting to edify individuals regarding the requirement for alternate sources of energy. For setting an example, the guy’s also known to drive around in an electric automobile.

Robert Redford

Even prior to ‘going-green’ became fashionable, Redford has been doing his bit shielding the U.S. wilds. Since the past 3 decades, he has been putting all his efforts to make the masses aware of the dilemmas faced by the flora and fauna in Utah, is on the panel of NRDC & has campaigned for prioritizing and tackling the issue of global warming in key metropolises in the United States.

Edward Norton

He’s been staunchly advocating the green cause of using solar power and has also enlisted his celeb buddies Salma Hayek, Ed Begley Jr., Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson, Rhea Perlman, Danny DeVito & Daryl Hannah to partake in his BP Solar Neighbours Program wherein celebs enjoy as well as assist in bringing awareness to the advantages of using solar energy & in collaboration with the Enterprise Foundation, EMA & BP helping lower-earning kin in using solar energy for saving on their power bill. Whenever celebrities purchase solar panels for using in their homes, a disadvantaged kin would be receiving one au gratis which BP would be donating.

Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s been a rather vocal green supporter since long and has been among the pioneering ones to have traded in the opulent car models for the greener hybrid cars. While even having done a narration in the green docudrama 11th Hour, DiCaprio has even been on the cover-page of the ‘green issue’ by Vanity Fair magazine.

Hayden Panettiere

Her name has always been synonymous with one who has spoken out against whale & dolphin species being hunted and also been detained while protesting off the Japanese coast in 2010. Panettiere even partook in the ‘Forecast Earth’ meeting rolled out by the Weather Channel to assist the masses in comprehending our Planet’s state-of-affairs & matters like global warming.

Hollywood big-wigs would be commemorating Earth Day 2011 by being present in full-strength at the ‘Eco Hollywood Earth Day’ occasion in LA Montage Beverly Hills. All attendees would be in for a fine treat of live tunes, green munchies & the ‘green’ enclosure where eco-luxury items would be at display to show how amazing it is to go-green. Fund-raising & raising awareness towards the noble cause would be translating to celebrities signing items which would go to charity for raising cash & a thirty-minute television special dubbed ‘Eco Hollywood’ would also be airing on CBS subsequent to the occasion.

So, on Earth Day 2011 what are you going to do to raise awareness & do the work needed for sustaining the environment?

Dukan Diet De Mystified

Presently, Dukan diet has over 1.5 million females in France swearing by its remarkable & long-lasting trimming results. Heavy weights in politics, film luminaries & top models like Giselle Bundchen, J Lo are living the Dukan existence. Its reputation got a further boost with strong rumours emerging that Kate Middleton too has joined the bandwagon with Mommy Middleton already a follower. Here’s what makes the Dukan Diet such a rage among scores of folks across the globe.

Dukan diet is a protein-rich though less in fats & carbs diet that is segregated into 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Attack Phase – This comprises of pure protein food forms & in fact acting as a kick-starter to the diet. One eats sixty-seven diverse protein-rich foods alongside fat-less dairy items & sugar-less gelatine leading to instantaneous & apparent weight reduction. One would additionally be eating oat bran that would be an essential element of the diet across 4 phases. One would also be permitted the use of spice, herb varieties, coffee, tea & sugar alternatives all through the 4 phases. The span of this phase differs across individuals & could be ranging between two to ten days.

Phase 2 – Cruise Phase – In this phase, one would attain one’s targeted weight, slowly though progressively shedding weight by interchanging Protein-only & Protein plus Veggies days. One is permitted a hundred diverse types of foods alongside diverse forms of spices, coffee, tea & sugar alternatives. The span of the second phase is dependent on one’s weight reduction.

Phase 3 – Consolidation Phase – A person is at his/ her most susceptible phase wherein his/ her body tends to re-pile on shed pounds & the Consolidation phase is devised for counteracting or preventing the ricochet effect, by eventually reverting to past proscribed foods & permitting duo celebratory meals on a weekly basis wherein one could consume any food one likes. This stage is lasting for five days for each lbs. shed.

Phase 4 – Permanent Stabilization – This is basically the remaining part of your life & by now, healthful eating practices have been inculcated & for maintenance of one’s target weight for life-long the following 3 basic, set rules:

  • Eating three tbsp. oat bran daily.
  • Whenever doable taking the stairways instead of the escalator or elevator.
  • Having a protein-only (attack) day one day every week.
Other Finer Details about the Dukan Diet & Foods Allowed
  • Vegetarians could easily be on the Dukan Diet & are allowed using soy-based items like tofu as a protein source. They could even be substituting dairy items with soy milk, yoghurt & several items, except when they are fat-less & having exceedingly less sugar presence. Vegans are even permitted eating duo tbsp. lentil daily in their just-protein days.
  • Dukan diet offers a listing of a hundred permitted food of which one could be tailoring one’s personal regime within the limitations of one’s specific diet. One has to simply understand that this diet hinges on a less fat & carbohydrate food intake hence every product one has should be less in sugar as well as carb contents.
  • The listing of a hundred consented foods for the initial two phases include every form of lean meats (apart from ducks, bacon, lamb), fishes of all forms & crustaceans, egg, soy product, veggies that do not contain starch & sugar-less gelatine. One could even be consuming tea, sugar alternatives, coffee, salt & spices.
  • One is also permitted to consume sausages except when it is fat-less & really less in carb content & not containing cheese or some proscribed ingredient.
  • Intake of alcohols are not permitted in the initial 2 phases though alcoholic drinks could be used when one cooks since on heating their evaporation occurs. Particularly in regards to less-fat sauce dishes, the use of alcohol can impart a nice additional flavouring & close to three tbsp. daily of cooking wine is permitted in the Cruise Phase, though ensure one doesn’t cover the pan while cooking to permit evaporation of alcohols.
  • One could consume tea & coffee (cold or hot) in unrestricted amounts. One could even consume milk & other milk products except when they are fat-less & low in carbs & sugar. Diet beverages (zero calorie, sugar less) are allowed.
  • Oat bran can be eaten raw, as heated or chilled cereal, along with yoghurts or in breads, pancake preparations. One must be ensuring that one eats nothing more than one’s permitted quantity daily. Oat bran lessens cholesterol & aids in preventing diabetes, prevalently noted in overweight individuals. It is a good digestion-stimulant, particularly beneficial for protein-rich diets. Eating oat bran proffers a feeling of fullness & satiety & facilitates better adherence to the diet with lesser hunger & frustration felt with the lacking of carbs from grains.
  • In this diet, one is permitted inter meal snack as much as one wants except that it is on the permitted list of foods.
  • Sugar-less gums, Splenda or Stevia can be other sugar alternatives which can be used.
  • Protein powders aren’t advised in the Dukan Diet since it is not believed to be real food. Instead it better that one eats a fish fillets, cottage cheeses, grill meats or yoghurts to obtain nutrients than from protein powder that has high concentrate proteins that could be throwing off one’s body’s innate balance. The analogous is also applicable to protein beverages.
  • In regards to dairy allowed in the Dukan Diet, one could consume fat-less dairy having flavouring or bland, in unrestricted amounts. Fat-less yoghurts having piece of fruits could also be eaten though not to be exceeding duo serves daily. In case one finds that one’s weight loss has begun to idle then curb intake of yoghurts plus fruits down to one serve daily & for those who’ve hit a plateau must be refraining from yoghurt intake totally.
  • Carrot, beet are identified for their sugary contents though actually they do not truly have bothersome sugars & whatever they have is swiftly taken up into the blood particularly post-baking carrots. Eventually, one could consume beet & carrot in moderate amounts till their preparation is sans dressing, sauces or additional fats. In case you can’t consume them in their natural form sans the dressings or sauces then it is advisable to evade them.
  • One could actually have the permitted foods in unrestrained amounts though one must be restricting intake of eggs to 1-2 only with the yellow, daily. Though one could consume the whites in unrestricted amounts.
  • One is permitted duo tbsp. lentil daily during just-protein days solely when one is vegan & not eating meats & fishes in one’s diet. Split pea isn’t permitted in the initial duo phases of this diet.
Assistance for Those Already Following the Dukan Diet
  • Although rarely occurring but there are folks who are fighting weight loss stagnation during the first phase. Mostly it is related to lack of exercising & what one consumes. Walking a minimum of twenty minutes daily & drinking plentiful water facilitates digestion. Moreover, one must be watching for the amount of foods one consumes. In case you’re attempting to greatly compensate for shortage of carbs with meats then one would observe that one’s weight loss has slackened or halted. One must opt for lean cut or fishes instead.
  • A likely reason for weight loss stagnating during the second phase is due to water being retained by the body due to menses. Women must be drinking ample amount of water & waiting till their menses have halted. Weight loss often gets on track thereafter. One could even seek consultation from a physician regarding intake of veggie-based diuretic products for countering menstruation linked water-retention. Being watchful about what one eats is important. Intake of too much dairy items (instead of meats, for example) would slacken metabolism since it innately has carbs. Scan nutritional labelling facts & ensure one consumes merely those milk products which are less in carbohydrates and are fat-less. Moreover, the large water content in veggies tends to make the body retain for compensating for solely meat days. Consuming ample water would help in preventing this from occurring. Eventually, keep an eye open for the amount of foods one consumes as it might even be the reason for weight loss stagnating. Also, menopausal women experience hormone imbalance that would be altering their weight reduction patterns. Hence, they need to seek advice of their doctor for a way out to assist in smoothing out such effect.
  • There are people who notice their weight loss slackened when they began consuming veggies once more which is normal. Intake of an only-protein diet, sans veggies is a highly effectual means of losing weight. Moreover, such a diet facilitates water weight loss since proteins are eliminating water from the body. Hence, when one is weighing oneself, the scales would reflect the lost water weight & fats. This preliminary weight loss is rather noteworthy & aids in jumpstarting the diet & keeps one’s motivational levels high. Veggies have mineral salts & water which on reintroduction into dietetic intake causes one is retaining additional water. One is yet shedding pounds, though not at the analogous pace, though since one may have re-piled on the water weight one had earlier shed, one’s present weight reduction may not be as apparent. One’s progress may not be apparent on the scales at this stage, however no sooner does one begin consuming solely protein once more, one would notice the pounds come off. Simply ensure not getting disheartened while weighing oneself when the scales don’t budge. One’s body has to adjust any instant one makes amendments in one’s consumption habits that could be causing you in hitting a weight-reduction plateau.
  • The Dukan Diet is quite magnanimous and those who did cheat slightly must be continuing the subsequent day with whatsoever is on their plans (protein-only or veggie plus protein). However, people need to comprehend that their weight reduction might slacken for a brief span of time as an outcome. For those who cheated big time & oftentimes, it is better to re-start the diet (in case one is in Phase II) or extend the diet stage (in case one is in stage I).
  • Twenty minutes daily in the bare-minimum exercise prescription in case of the Dukan Diet. Individuals are always encouraged for doing more than what’s expected since it enormously aids in weight reduction & muscle tone-up.
  • Diarrhea is a likely side-effect of the Dukan Diet, though classically it isn’t because of the diet itself, though, instead of the foods which you are presently eating which you might not have consumed that much during the pre-diet phase. One needs to assess one’s consumption habits – is the increased intake of milk items that one has earlier the reason or can one be suffering from lactose intolerance or can it be a combo of foods which is causal to it. Artificial sweetener & several sugar-free gums have been found to be causal to diarrhea.
  • For all those following the Dukan diet, weighing oneself first thing in the morning after having visited the loo is advisable.
  • Some Dukan Diet followers have cited difficulty faced in sleeping and the commonest reason is the intake of coffee, tea or caffeine-containing drinks. Since one is not eating any carbs hence one’s body exhibits greater responsiveness to caffeine, jilting easier & with lesser caffeine, for example. For such people, curbing caffeine consumption & substituting with decaf varieties & not consuming caffeine-based beverage during dawn hours would help. Even some brands of tea & also green tea have analogous caffeine levels as is present in coffee.
  • Some individuals experience bad breath when following the Dukan Diet which is in fact an indication that one is not just shedding pounds but also swiftly. The protein-rich nature of the diet could be causal to ketones accruing in one’s blood that in fact assists you in feeling fullness though can be causing foul breath. For this reason, consuming oat bran or sugar-less chewing gums could aid in eliminating this problem
Dukan Diet and Medical Problems
  • For Dukan Diet followers suffering from lactose intolerance, substituting dairy items with soy based substitutes is advisable. Though carbs & sugar constituent must be taken into consideration when selecting yoghurts or soy milk & opting for products that are low in carbohydrate, fats & sugars.
  • Celiac disease sufferers who have to steer clear from gluten-containing foods can relax as foods that classically contain gluten like bread & batter derived food (like bun, cake among others) & foods that have undergone processing are completely eliminated in the initial duo phases of the Dukan Diet so that those who could not consume gluten are benefited. Also oat bran which is needed in the initial duo phases is available in gluten-less varieties.
  • Those who take hormones (like contraceptive pills) are advised to firstly seek their physician’s consultation regarding the effect which such hormones would be having on the body alone & in conjunct with the Dukan diet. It has been observed that hormones, for instance, estrogen seems to be having a direct impact on weight reduction.
  • From the listing of a hundred permissible products in the Dukan Diet, followers who are allergic to particular foods could be substituting them with other apt alternatives. The Dukan Diet doesn’t endorse any single product over the other in its listing of permissible items hence it is totally up to the dieters in choosing what item to eat.
  • For those with concerns of the impact of Dukan Diet on cholesterol must firstly be seeking medical consultation on whether it would be suitable for them as it is a protein-laden diet. The physician must be notified that the Dukan Diet does permit intake of animal proteins (apart from fatty options like ducks, lard, lambs, bacon) & including fishes & crustaceans & even prescribing one to consume 1.5 tsp. oat bran daily. However, it has been observed from past experience that several Dukan Diet followers have met with success in lowering their cholesterol count whilst on the diet.
  • Dieting in conjunct with any grave medical problem should always necessitate consultation with a physician who would be in a better position to decide whether people having some medical problem would actually be apt candidates for a less fat, less carbohydrate & protein rich diet like the Dukan.
  • In menopausal females there is bound to be a hormonal imbalance that directly impacts weight & oftentimes slackens or also annuls the weight loss. Hence, these women must be putting forth this matter with their doctor.
  • One doesn’t require taking vitamins/ supplements when following the Dukan Diet though one must ensure consuming ample veggies on the days designated for having veggies plus proteins.
  • Women who are breastfeeding need to seek advice of their doctor if they wish to get started on the Dukan Diet.
  • People suffering from thyroid conditions like (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) tend to pile on excessive weight. Thyroid conditions are convoluted in nature & necessitate therapy by a physician. When monitoring of thyroid functioning is done during their diet programs they could successfully loose weight, though they would have to be putting in more efforts as compared to others. Hence, before beginning on the Dukan Diet it is better that such people seek consultation with their endocrinologist or doctor.
  • For those planning to cease smoking must firstly be focusing on this objective for a minimum of ten days prior to getting started on the Dukan Diet. On around the eleventh day or so, they could commence with the diet sans feeling too much frustration or deprivation. This diet offers one with a crucial friend which can be a major assistance to you – permitting foods which could be consumed in unrestricted amounts. Ensure consuming an assorted diet & unleash your creativity in the kitchen, try incorporating, whenever doable, spice & seasoning variety for flavouring foods. One could even be relying on diet soda & tea for curbing cravings that could assist with nicotine withdrawals. Using two-folds the usual quantity of oat bran, incorporated in crepe, pancake & blini one has in one’s diet. Moreover, seek consultation with one’s doctor as presently several nicotine-quitting aids are obtainable that could aid in curbing cravings though not interfering with one’s diet.
  • The prevalent myth is that the protein-only Attack phase in this diet represents the complete diet though factually it is just lasting from two to seven days & comprises of fat-free dairy items that are contributory to crucial calcium & nutrients plus oat bran further offering the everyday serves of fiber. Veggies are allowed in the Cruise phase where one could consume almost thirty-two types as one likes. Consuming water is crucial irrespective of whether one diets or not. While following the Dukan diet one must be drinking a minimum of 6 eight oz. glassfuls of water.