Advances In Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgery has been found to be the sole long-standing effectual method of weight reduction for people with morbid obesity. Obesity surgery classically appears to work superior as compared to diets, exercising or medications, however similar to all surgeries, there are associated risks, principally amongst these being the operative exposure of the abdominal area and the resultant scars.

However, there are least-invasive means, inclusive of a novel method created by a physician from a N. Carolina medical device firm, Southern Californian.

Doctor Brian Quebbemann, surgery head, The N.E.W. Program weight loss center, Newport Beach in collaboration with TransEnterix have developed the Spider operative device that helps a surgeon in performing bariatric surgery eliminating the need for the characteristic operative slit. The device makes its entry via tiny slit made in the navel (belly-button) and curbing the abdominal capacity by nearly eighty percent.

Having garnered the FDA approval in 2009, the Spider contains several appliance conduits which allow the surgeons in inserting pliable instruments for expanding the abdominal region (similar to a sunshade), mini cameras for viewing the operative surroundings, and operative devices for trimming the abdomen and suturing. Removal of the Spider is then done via the analogous aperture.

Presently on the sphere is a multi-centred trial to garner the FDA nod is the TOGA System, a minimally invasive bariatric surgery method which is basically an endoscopic method (via the oral route). Pair of bendable tools is introduced via the oral way inside the abdominal region for stapling together segments of the stomach and hence lower its total capacity of foods.

No sooner has the TOGA System been positioned properly, suctioning mechanism is employed for gathering all tissues from all abdominal sides together inside the tool. Fastening together of the gathered tissues are then done employing titanium staple types. The method would lead to the creation of a mini tummy pouch with the shape like a constricted sleeve at the base of the tummy. No sooner has the stomach stapling done, the method has been completed, the tool is taken out from the body interiors.

The general outcome of this weight loss procedure is to assist a patient in feeling fuller quicker and thus eating lesser food serves. As the TOGA system does not employ an implant like gastric bands, hence it does not carry the linked implant issues.

The TOGA System is presently under trial stages in the U.S. which is intended on evaluating the safety quotient and efficacy of the method for treating morbid obesity.

Teenagers Botox

Kids as young as thirteen are now going in for Botox shots in an endeavour at garnering a swift mend for professed beauty imperfections.

Physicians in the United States have performed over twelve thousand aesthetic procedures on teens during 2009 and the figures only continue to shot up annually.

Representatives at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have pointed out that even though several teens have opted for the jabs for medical reasons instead of aesthetic, yet they were looking for a means of promptly rectifying their appearances.

The wrinkle-busting drug is being employed on an array of supposed flaws like correcting excessive gums being revealed when smiling or also a square-shaped jaw line.

The booming Botox trend among teenagers came into focus when a young artist made a clean breast about her foremost stop to her cosmetologist’s clinic following a role being garnered in the television series ‘Glee’.

The eighteen-year-old famous Philippine child artist Charice Pempengco came clean that she had opted for Botox for prepping herself for her upcoming part in the tele-series. Pempengco stated that she is keen on looking fresh when facing the cameras and has gone for a skin-tautening method dubbed ‘Thermage’ and Botox.

Sentient about the tempest that arose following she confession with a well-known celeb blogger Ms. Perez Hilton who called her ‘sick’, the songster’s representative refuted the shots were for aesthetic purposes. However, she was chipped away at when her cosmetologist made an appearance on live Television stating that Pempengco did in fact go in for the cosmetic procedures for targeting muscles of her jaws which she felt made her appear plump.

Several doctors do admit that this is a popularly opted method among a number of females in S.E Asia. Yearly, almost 4 million adults opt for Botox and its usage among teenagers is nothing new-fangled.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given its approval for Botox usage on any person who is twelve years old onwards.

Botox is commonly deployed for treating teenagers suffering from excess perspiration and its capability of freezing muscles which translates to the fact that it is effectual in averting undesired eye-twitching.

However, in the recent past, an increasing number of Hollywood celebs have owned up to the use of Botox for tackling aging and this has only influenced a large populace of teens to ape their idols.

Physicians have cautioned against the surging popularity of Botox that can loosen your purse strings by around sixty dollars per course of therapy.

Botox could be unsafe in case proper regulation is not followed. Doctors dub the Botox trend as ‘teen-toxic’ which can cause pointless complications when conducted by an unskilled injector who is not a doctor.

Also largely teenagers do not have wrinkles and Botox is not capable of preventing innate aging. Until there is a pressing requirement, specialists recommend that Botox must not be offered to people below eighteen years of age.

Psychologists point out that teenagers who seek Botox are actually concealing a grave deeper issue (often self-worth) that need to be addressed promptly. Their feelings of being inadequate in some way are to be addressed firstly by parents rather than allowing them permission to mask a so-dubbed wrinkle.

Laser Mole Removal Express Effective Riddance

Moles are blemishes appearing on the facial or other areas of the body & varying in colour, form & size. Moles are of duo prevalent forms namely those innately present or surfacing earlier on in life because of being exposed to the sun’s rays. Such type of moles would atypically be changing & are most apposite for laser mole removal procedure. Another type of mole is one which shows constant growth with some colour variations noted and should be evaluated by skin expert to ensure its benignancy.

Most moles are generally not harmful, but in case one notices any alterations in form or colour or any irritation that is begun to be felt in the mole must be promptly evaluated by a physician since they could be indications of something rather grave.

Vastly apparent mole presences on some locations of the body could embarrass the person concerned or be making him/her lesser confident. Moles which are restricting movements or that are quite big-sized could at times be causing pains & distresses.

Providentially, there’s an express & clear-cut method for removal of undesirable moles & proffer a reinvigorated sense of self-confidence.

The kinds of moles that are best-suited for laser mole removal are the ones which are smallish & flattish & those which have lately formed since laser light is incapable of travelling deeper inside the skin. Moles that are larger-sized or protruding out could be tricky in removal deploying laser.

Laser mole removal also causes lesser scars as compared to surgical excision of moles and is an ideal choice for people with smallish pigmented mole.

Laser Mole Removal – How it works

Majority of the moles require three laser light treatments for their removal. Following the 3rd session, darkening of the moles generally occur and following fourth to seventh day they would just be scabbing off. During the method, laser shafts are focussed on the mole causing the cells within in breaking down. When the body’s healing process starts, re-absorption of such ruptured cells by the body occurs. The laser would be sealing blood vessels & hence such a method needs no suturing or stitching hence no remnant scars. Laser causes blood vessel cauterization and evaporation of unneeded tissue. At times it would remove scar formation, though a slight reddish mark might last for some period of time.

The method isn’t agonizing and feels alike rubber bands being snapped against the skin and there is no need for anesthetizing the person. Therapy would be costing anywhere amid two hundred to five hundred dollars based on where one resides. Laser mole removal is possibly the costliest of all the mole excision methods.


Laser mole removal is conducted on an outpatient basis and pains & soreness would be allayed significantly by the use of pain-allaying medicines that the surgeon would prescribe. Healing occurs within seven days to a fortnight. Scars wane considerably in the initial year and their size would depend on how big the mole excised was & the method deployed.

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Laser Scar Removal

Laser scar removal is a popularly chosen usage of laser technology. Scar formations are reduced by fifty to eighty percent & re-surfacing prevented with laser treatment.

Inflammation arises in wounds which then advance to tissue development & concludes with altering particular anatomical factors like collagen, the key protein present in connective tissues supporting the bones, cartilages, skin & blood vessels.

Scars occur due to disruption to the healing course of wounds from particular factors like surfeit or deficit of collagen. For instance, keloid scars are basically collagen scars.

Laser Scar Removal Applicability

Laser scar removal deployed currently could lessen appearances of many scar forms like:

Keloid Scars – Firm-textured, risen & red-purplish scar formations extending past the preliminary areas of wounds and building over a period of time

Atrophic Scars – Sunk, pin-similar pocket formations over the skin’s surface which could be resulting from skin problems like acne.


Hypertrophic Scars – Unyielding, risen & pinkish scar formations which exist inside the original areas of wounds & could be fading with passage of time.

All and sundry aren’t candidates for laser scar removal. Those for whom it is contraindicated are individuals suffering from skin conditions like cystic acne, psoriasis, dermatitis or those taking particular drugs like isotretinoin for pimples or acne should halt intake of the drug before undergoing laser scar removal.

Laser Scar Removal – What the Method Entails?

In this method, laser is directed over the scars causing vaporization or removal of the skin’s layer & revealing more youthful-appearing skin sheath that heal with passage of time for minimizing scarring. Some lasers might be targeting deeper skin layers and stimulate novel development & rectify scarring from the deeper layers to the exterior.

Laser scar removal method is done on an outpatient-basis mostly after anesthetizing (local or general) the person in locations like hospitals, surgeon offices or centers and lasting from some minutes long to over one hour in span.

Laser Scar Removal Forms

Several forms of laser are obtainable, all having their exceptional advantages in removing scars.

The Erubium: YAG & Carbon dioxide lasers are ideal for scars arising due to acne or pimples. The Carbon dioxide laser is an excisional laser which fundamentally works by sandblasting the skin off leading to some considerable down-time. The Erubium: YAG laser also is an ablation-based laser, though lesser in comparison to CO2 laser or lesser hurtful. Carbon-dioxide & Erubium lasers are manufactured by several firms.

Fractional carbon-dioxide & Erubium lasers inclusive of the Fraxel & fractional RF therapies even are immensely beneficial for treating acne-caused scars, though they need several sessions. Fractional lasers function by treatment of a part of the skin’s surface and creating small wound formations in the deep layering of skin. All wounds are encased with non-treated skin, assisting in reparation of the treated region through a controlled wound-heal process. Carbon-dioxide & Er: YAG lasers and even RF therapies could be fractioned.

The 585-595-nm PDL technology that entails Candela, Cynosure lasers is mostly deployed for treating keloid & hypertrophic scarring. Such types of laser might be deployed in the presence or absence of steroid or 5% 5-FU (or 5-fluorouracil) shots that could assist in flattening scar formations.

Such lasers are deemed non ablative since they don’t singe off the skin’s exterior & rather are targeting the tissues underneath the skin’s exterior & stimulating novel collagen development. No much down time is linked to the use of such types of laser.

Till recent times, people of the Afro-American race weren’t deemed suitable entrants for this method; however matters have shown a major change. Particular kinds of laser like fractional infrared lasers & RF technology like Thermage might be beneficial in the treatment of acne-caused scarring in people of Afro-American race. However, not many benefits are garnered by the use of lasers for treating keloid scarring in such populace.

Post-Method Care

Subsequent to undergoing laser scar removal method, people are mostly recommended on washing the region that underwent treatment using mild soaps, patting out any moisture & applying antibiotics-based lotion & a non-adhesive bandaging. The physician might even offer prescription of antibiotics course for preventing infection.

Medicated lotions could assist in fading scars. Even the recommendation of cooling mask and the use of orally taken painkillers provide relief. The physician must be instantaneously notified when pains are difficult in managing.

The skin regenerates as soon as 4 days post-therapy and rate of renewal is based on the laser form deployed, personal skin traits & the extent to which the physician’s advice was followed. Classically routine activity or tasks could be resumed soon following laser scar removal method. A re-visit might be advised by the physician for evaluating the region that underwent treatment 6-8 weeks anon.

Associated Risk Factors & Complications

The highly prevalent side-effect of laser scar removal is the treated region showing hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation, which could be aggravated when exposed to the sun’s rays. Infections or allergy responses too are likely, & could be averted or cured by the use of medicated cream, ointment & orally taken antibiotic course.

Laser Scar Removal Costs

The expenses related to this method are ascertained as per costs of anethetizing the patient, hospital/clinic/health center costs & doctor’s fee. As this method is mostly carried out at the time of chemical peeling or some method, the costs of the health centre & anesthetizing the person could be merged.

Due to wide-ranging scar problems, the likelihood of re-doing the therapies for every scar & combo of therapies might be needed, hence there’s no means of estimating expenses prior to consulting surgeons. The physician could be asked about the expenses estimation following exam.

Simply aesthetic methods though are not provided cover by insurers. In case the expense is quite high to be paid at one shot, then the doctor could be asked about month-by-month compensations.

Sagging Neck Fixed With Hour Long Trampoline Lift

agging neck is a clear tell-tale sign of ageing which gives away our age and nearly unfeasible to tackle with OTC brands.

Conventionally, the sole means of tightening sagging neck skin was to undergo extensive, invasively done neck lift surgical procedure.

However an eminent plastic surgeon from the U.S, does strongly believe that he has uncovered an able substitute which is presently obtainable in U.K.

Dubbed ‘the trampoline lift’, the sixty-minute long method entails several pinpricking done athwart the jaw line. Weaving of a fine operative suture is done via such small apertures, prior to tying them in concert similar to shoelaces for tautening the lax skin located about the chin, neck areas.

The tightening effect has been equated to trampoline-stretching. Created by Doctor G. Mueller, specialists deem that this novel technique would make neck lifts redundant. Majority of the patients undergo the procedure after being anesthetized (locally). In case one compares the trampoline lift to the aggressive-natured surgical procedure that carries augmented risk of harm to nerves, numbing sensation & blood clot formations, and the most bothersome aspect – the 3-month long recuperative period.

However, in the trampoline lift, least amounts of slits are done, the likelihood of infections is lesser & recuperation period in majority of the cases is merely around seven days.

Ever since it garnered the FDA consent three years back, the trampoline neck lift has become increasingly popular in the United States – especially Hollywood with rumours rife about a number of celebs having undergone the procedure.

The trampoline lift is an original novel technique conducted with the use of specially-devised fibre optic shaft & operative thread, taking merely sixty minutes to perform. It works best for youngsters that spotted earlier signs of droopiness in their jaw line or ones having excessive fat and are keen on avoiding a costlier & invasively performed open-neck method.

However, several specialists are still unconvinced and consider the procedure beneficial for people having proper skin tone & some extent of sagging neck, however for people having jowls, operative facial/neck lift procedure only would proffer the needed results. Moreover, the trampoline lift isn’t totally risk-less. Any therapy that involves insertion of a permanent substance inside the body carries an infection risk. Moreover, there’s no suggestion of the extent of time the outcomes would be lasting.