Alcohol Poisoning Comprehending The Danger Signs

Alcohol poisoning is a grave and at times fatal outcome of guzzling down vast quantities of alcohol succinctly.

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning:

In case one drinks, have pals that drink or have kids of any age, it is imperative to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

  • Feeling confused, dazed.
  • Puking.
  • Seizures.
  • Sluggish breathing pattern (lesser than 8 breaths during a minute).
  • Erratic breathing.
  • Blue-tone or paleness noted in the skin.
  • Hypothermia – a condition when the body temperature dips.
  • Losing consciousness or passes out.

Presence of all such symptoms is not requisite for one to be able to seek professional assistance as an individual that has passed out or cannot be woken up is at a risk of dying.

When to seek medical assistance

In case there are doubts regarding someone having alcohol poisoning- even when the typical signs and symptoms are not perceivable, it is crucial to get prompt medical help. During the case of an emergency it is essential to adhere to the below mentioned recommendations:

  • In Case of a person passing out
    breathes lesser than 8 times per minute or have repetitive, uncontrollable vomiting, one needs to call 911 or the relevant local emergency numbers without delay. One needs to bear in mind that despite the person having lost consciousness or has discontinued drinking, alcohol would still continue to get discharged into the bloodstream and alcohol levels in the body could continue to surge. Hence, one must never presuppose that alcohol poisoning could be slept off.
  • In case the individual is in a state of consciousness
    it is imperative to dial 800-222-1222 where the caller would be instantaneously routed to one’s locally placed poison control center. The personnel at the poison control center or emergency call center would direct the caller on whether the individual requires to be taken immediately to the hospital. One could be rest assured that all calls made to the poison control centers are classified.
  • Being ready to divulge information
    In case one is aware, one needs to surely inform the staff at the hospital or the emergency room about the type and quantity of alcohol that the individual had been ingesting, and when.
  • Never leaving a passed out individual unaccompanied
    While one awaits medical assistance, one must never attempt at making that individual vomit as those having alcohol poisoning have an impeded gag reflex and could face self-choking on their vomit or inadvertently inhale their vomit that could enter in their lungs and could lead to lethal lung damage.
Diagnosis &Tests:

Along with conducting a check of the observable symptoms of alcohol poisoning, the doctor would mostly suggest undergoing blood analysis for checking the levels of alcohol in the blood and for identification of other symptoms of alcohol toxicity like depleted blood sugar. Urine analysis could aid in corroborating a diagnosis of alcohol poisoning.

Ways To Treat Circumvent And Thwart Alcohol Poisoning

Though alcohol poisoning could happen due to accidental or intentional intake of domestic products that contain alcohol, majority of the alcohol poisoning is the upshot of consuming way to much alcoholic drinks, particularly in brief spans of time.

Alcohol could be present in varied forms, inclusive of:
  • Isopropyl alcohol
    present in rubbing alcohol, certain ointments and cleaning items.
  • Methanol
    a prevalent constituent in antifreeze, certain solvents and in paints.
  • Ethanol
    present in alcoholic drinks, oral washes and few medicines.
Understanding when the line is crossed

Disparate to foods that require hours for assimilation, alcohol gets swiftly absorbed by the body – long prior to majority of other nutrients being taken in. In case one is drinking on an empty stomach, then there is direct absorption of nearly twenty percent of the alcohol in the stomach, reaching the brain in a matter of less than sixty seconds.

The processing of majority of the alcohol is done in the liver. The liver requires about an hour for metabolizing the alcohol content present in one drink – described as twelve ounces of beer, 4-5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounce of eighty proof distilled spirit forms. Cocktails mostly have more than one alcoholic serving and require even more time for processing.

The rates of alcohol metabolizing in the system varies in each individual and is dependent on numerous factors. Generally crossing one drink during an hour’s time is giving the liver more than it could metabolize. Bing drinking in guzzling down 5 or more drinks in a shot – is particularly dodgy and could means consuming fatal dosages prior to passing out.

Treatment of Alcohol Poisoning:

Alcohol poisoning treatment involves getting rid of the alcohol present in the body that comprises of:

  • Vigilant supervision.
  • Protecting the airways to avert respiratory or gagging problems.
  • Oxygen therapy.
  • Intravenous administration of fluids for averting dehydration.
  • Kids or adults that have unintentionally or deliberately consumed methanol or isopropyl alcohol would require undergoing kidney dialysis – a mechanical means of flushing out waste and toxic substances from the body for accelerating the removal of alcohol from the bloodstream.
Home Cures:

Home cures to sober down thrive, though majority of them are ineffectual and even unsafe. The ones that do not work include having black coffee, a cold shower – the jolt of cold could lead to lost consciousness, taking walks or to sleep it off.

In case one doubts that the person is having alcohol poisoning then:

  • Staying with the individual who is puking and attempt at keeping the person in a seated posture.
  • In case the person really needs to lie down, then ensuring that the head is turned to the side for averting choking.
  • Attempt at keeping the individual awake for preventing loss in consciousness.
  • Moderation is the key
    Majority of the doctors suggest not crossing a single drink in case of women and not over 2 drinks a day in case of men. Drinking in a slow pace is also recommended.
  • Opening all ports of communication with one’s teenaged kids
    It is imperative to inform one’s kids about the repercussions of alcohol consumption. Often binge drinking is observed to peak during adolescent years (18-22 years of age) and dips afterwards. Evidence indicates that those kids that were cautioned regarding alcohol by their parents and had cited close rapport with their parents were less prone to begin drinking.
  • Safe keeping of domestic products
    In case there are infants in the house, it is important to preserve all alcohol-based products inclusive of cosmetics and medicines far from the reach of kids by childproofing the house and keeping all dodgy items locked at all times.
  • Seeking follow-ups and counselling
    It is imperative to seek follow-up care after undergoing treatment for alcohol poisoning. Seeking counselling for resolving the core issues would prove beneficial in nipping the problem at the bud.

Cocaine How Safe Is Just A Whiff For Unwinding

Cocaine – the pricey path to attaining a high – an air of mystery also known as’ caviar of roadside drugs’. An astounding number of people use cocaine for loosening themselves. A potent stimulant that actually does the contrary and realism strikes after the high.

Cocaine has powerful marring consequences on cardiovascular, cognitive and emotional functioning. Several people using cocaine end up becoming addicts to it with long-standing and life-menacing outcomes. Those occasionally using cocaine could also be at a significant risk of abrupt fatality.

Crack, Cocaine, Coca

Leaf extracts from plant Erythroxylum coca on purification yields cocaine. Varied chemical methods create the 2 key types of cocaine:

  • Powdery cocaine
    prevalent street lingo ‘coke’ or ‘blow’ is water-soluble. Users generally snort or inject powdery cocaine. Coke is known to strongly constrict blood vessels particularly those in the heart.
  • Crack cocaine
    prevalent street lingo ‘crack’ or ‘rock’ manufactured as an outcome of a chemical process in a freebase version that users smoke.

Youngsters particularly males in ages of 18-25 years are the main cocaine using populace observed and nearly 1081 cocaine-related fatalities occur annually.

The dearth of lab benchmarks in street drug manufacture is another harrowing aspect. Many individual incessantly blabber on how distrustful they are of the pharmacological industry, but would otherwise go ahead and sniff a drug that has been made somewhere in an underground store lab.

Cocaine – An anatomical high

Cocaine when smoked or injected has near instant outcomes, rapidly getting absorbed via nose tissues making snorting it almost rapid-acting and reaching the brain. Deeply impacting the brain, cocaine meddles with chemical envoys – neurotransmitters – nerves used for communicating with one another. Cocaine has a blocking effect on several neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and the resultant chemical build-up in-between nerves leads to a euphoric effect.

Common feelings after Cocaine intake

On intake of cocaine several users cite greater energy levels, attentiveness, mood highs, feel supreme. There are other users that report feeling irate, paranoid, agitated and anxious. Indications of cocaine users are pupil dilatation, elevated energy and activity levels, wound up, high-spirited speech.

These instantaneous effects of cocaine intake soon subside in thirty minutes. Cocaine when smoked or injected has swifter and briefer high in comparison to when coke is snorted.

Physiological Impact of Cocaine
  • Cocaine has a detrimental outcome on the heart raising heart rate, eliciting hypertension and causing constriction to arteries that convey blood to the heart – outcomes could lead to heart attack – even amongst youngsters with no cardiovascular ailments. Cocaine could bring about a lethal irregular cardiac rhythm known as arrhythmia that could kill instantaneously.
  • Cocaine causes constriction of blood vessels in the brain leading to stroke. Youngsters with no risk factor of developing stroke could also suffer from them. Cocaine could cause seizure attacks and could cause weird or belligerent behaviours.
  • As cocaine harms nose and sinus, regularly using it could cause perforations in the nasal passages. Crack when smoked causes lung irritation and long-standing harm to the lungs.
  • Cocaine causes constriction of blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract leading to oxygen malnourishment causing ulcer formation or even performed stomach or intestinal area.
  • Cocaine could lead to abrupt, devastating kidney failure. Those individuals having hypertension, cocaine could hasten long-standing harm to kidneys caused due to hypertension.
  • Though cocaine has been reputed to elicit sexual acts, but it factually makes one less competent to complete what one has started. Sexual dysfunction problems could develop in both genders who are incessant cocaine users.
Withdrawal Signs:
  • Depressive tendencies and feeling anxious.
  • Weariness.
  • Inattentiveness.
  • Incapable of feeling contentment.
  • Heightened yearning for cocaine.
  • Physical signs like ache, pain, tremor and chill sensed.
  • Suicidal thought process.

Hence, it is always wise to simply say ‘NO’. Those who are addicts should promptly seek professional medical assistance. Life is too precious to be discounting it for brief moments of risky highs.

Treatment or Alcohol Poisoning

The trickiest aspect regarding treatment for alcohol poisoning is arriving at the decision of seeking medical aid.

In case a person indulging in heavy drinking has fallen asleep then waking he/she up is vital. In case the person is not responding by staying wakeful, then prompt medical aid must be sought.

Assumptions of a drunken person sleeping it off or rather preferably not be disturbed is erroneous. Another crucial aspect is that merely getting that person to his/her residence is not the resolution and could in fact be placing the drinker at greater risk as no monitoring by another individual could likely be the case.

Treatment for alcohol poisoning generally comprise of supportive care wherein the body clears out alcohol. This would classically include:

  • Watchful supervision
    The medical staff would admit the drinker and keep him/her under observation and medical intercession might be required for ensuring safety of the individual.
  • Protecting the air passages for averting any respiratory or choking complications
    Alcohol intoxication could cause lowered oxygen supply in the body thus leading to strange behaviours and perplexity. Hence, management and maximization of air circulation would be the swiftest resolution.
  • Oxygen therapy
    Oxygen administration is a medical intercession that is normally performed using a nasal cannula when oxygen delivery of 30 to 35 percent is the necessity. In case 100% oxygen is required, then snug-fitted facial masks or incubators for tots are used. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is administration of oxygen at raised air pressure.
  • Administering fluids via intravenous route for preventing the person from dehydrating
    Excessive alcohol intake could lead to a condition known as hypothermia wherein body temperature dips because of the blood vessels constricting that could have grave consequences. When those who have abused alcohol are admitted in emergency rooms, the foremost treatment approach is covering with blankets and administration of intravenous fluids for rehydrating the body of the likely fluids being lost because of undue perspiration and puking. Generally glucose dips are given for rehydration of the body and bringing the glucose levels to satisfactory levels.
  • Kidney Dialysis
    Grownups and kids that have had an accidental ingestion of methanol or isopropyl alcohol would require kidney dialysis – a perfunctory manner of sifting out wastes and toxic substances from the body for speeding alcohol elimination from the blood stream.
  • Gastric Lavage or Irrigation
    When medical staff has answered a call for help, the drunken person would most likely be shifted to a hospital wherein the treatment for alcohol poisoning would comprise of a procedure known as gastric lavage or irrigation. During this procedure, the stomach is pumped out following insertion of a tube inside the individual’s nasal or oral passage till it reaches the stomach. On reaching the stomach, miniscule quantities of water or saline are repeatedly administered till the fluid that returns has no constituents of gastric substances.

Fears of being publicly humiliated, likely legal ramifications (for instance under-aged drinking), dearth of awareness regarding the signs and the crucial nature of alcohol poisoning or fears of disgrace could lead to indecisiveness that could prove dangerous. Plainly put, the toughest part about acting in response to an alcohol abuse case is to make quick choices on getting medical aid.

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Facts About Alcohol Poisoning

The facts about alcohol poisoning are often obscured. The younger generation often turns a deaf ear to the dangers of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol, when consumed in large quantities, can be fatal. It can also cause many hazards.

Alcohol Poisoning Is not a Joke

For some, the sight of an alcoholic tripping is a source of fun and amusement. Instead, the risk of death should be highlighted in these individuals. Young individuals do not seem to know the facts about alcohol poisoning. It is only during emergencies that the facts seem to resurface.

Effects of Alcohol Poisoning

When a large quantity of alcohol enters the system, some vital organs are affected, resulting in anomalies. Alcohol also depresses the nerves within the body. This can result in the following:

  • Abnormal breathing
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Vomiting
  • Unconsciousness
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Urinary incontinence

Alcohol poisoning is caused over a period of time. The blood becomes toxic in nature as it is cannot eliminate the alcohol that is ingested. Individuals who face the risk of alcohol poisoning are themselves not aware of the risks and dangers.

Knowing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning has the potential to save a life. The following are some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

  • State of confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty in breathing

A combination of these factors might also occur.


Hospitalization is often necessary when alcohol poisoning occurs. Till the level of alcohol subsides, the risk of death is always prominent.

Calling 911 is essential if you suspect that your friend is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Even if it is not alcohol poisoning, you should not take risks.

At the hospital, the following tasks will be performed:

  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Recording of blood pressure and body temperature
  • Warming the body with blankets
  • Administration of intravenous fluids
  • Improving blood oxygen levels and consciousness
  • Increasing the blood sugar levels

These facts about alcohol poisoning can save the lives of many.

Avoiding Alcohol Poisoning

Most people do not know their limits regarding alcohol. For some drinking alcohol is a fun experience, while for others it can be life-threatening. The factors that determine the effects of alcohol are age, weight, metabolism, and medical history.

Binge drinking has its own dangers. Teens and young adults view consumption of alcohol as a cultural activity. There should be a limit for weekly consumption of alcohol. In this way the body can excrete alcohol in a more efficient manner.

E Cigarettes A Safer Bet Or Transmuted Dire Habit Part I

Appearing and tasting alike cigarettes and offering the analogous nicotine hum, but e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the antithetic of conventional smokes – they are battery-run gadgets which are virtually non-carcinogenic.

However several people who have used e-cigarettes deem it nothing short of a marvel and life-saver, health experts are cagey about this product and many states inclusive of NY, N. Hampshire, N. Jersey have gone ahead and proscribed them.

Electronic cigarettes employ an inner nicotine-vaporizing atomizer proffering a smoke plus odor-free experience which its makers claim eradicates the scores of health conditions linked to fagging.

E-cigarettes are reasonably priced and easily procured online by minor as well as adult populaces. Several people dispute that such a product that comes in enticing flavours such a mint, fruit and chocolate is another ruse at getting teenagers addicted to nicotine.

Public health groups like the FDA, American Lung Association and NCI have publicly condemned the non-regulated gadget as potentially risky and issuing statement that in the absence of medical proof, claiming that these are a safer bet to regular cigarettes is an obvious infringement of FDA regulations. However this has not prevented scores of the smoker populace from using them.

Public Health Concerns

Reporting dearth of studies, health experts have swiftly taken an anti-stance towards electronic cigarettes. Doubts regarding such non-regulated gadgets are not baseless. The Food and Drug Administration survey of electronic cigarettes noted that a product ‘Smoking Everywhere’ has a harmful chemical constituent diethylene glycol.

Not Much is Known about Electronic Cigarettes

The promotional strategy employed by such electronic cigarette brands has also raised quite a storm. The key USP for several ads is that puffing electronic cigarettes could be done in locations which usually prohibit smoking like eateries, offices and also during air travel.

This undoubtedly is a draw for majority of the e-cigarette users. Likelihood of the non-smoker community being subjected to the vapours of electronic cigarette have impelled the ‘Americans for Non-smokers’ Right’ or ASR group to unite for banning their use in public places. Exec-director, ASR, Cynthia Hallet points out that it is still unclear whether the constituents of the vapour emitted by e-cigarettes is actually risk-free and there is shortage of information in that regard. The ASR believes that for all settings that are already smoke-less must additionally be free of electronic cigarettes.

The effortlessness with which an electronic cigarette habit could be concealed due to its odourless and smokeless nature might additionally make it more enticing to teenagers. Particular e-cigarette products have additionally been blamed for promoting it to kids in varied candy-similar flavourings like almond, cherry, chocolate, mocha.

Teenagers could procure them via the net by lying for satisfying the age limits which several brands put up online. Although electronic cigarettes are lacking the toxic nature of tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine presence in them is a stimulant which is best avoided for minors.

E Cigarettes A Safer Bet Or Transmuted Dire Habit Part Ii

Despite several controversies enveloping the use of e-cigarettes they have become quite popular in the United States around 3 years back. Replete with a LCD luminescence mimicking a cigarette bud’s radiant glowing coal, electronic cigarettes are intended to duplicate a smoker’s experience. Many onlookers might not even be able to spot vapour rather than smoke is being blown out by the smoker’s lips.

However, apart from appearance, e-cigarettes do not replicate the tar – launder listing of harsh-natured chemical substances or several of the side-effects linked to a tobacco cigarette. Nicotine single-handedly is usually not detrimental and it is the other thousand plus chemical presence or the emitted carbon monoxide that is a greater concern. Even as tobacco cigarette is warmly dubbed as a ‘cancer stick’ by several users, an initial FDA-approved survey noted that electronic cigarettes had merely hint amounts of carcinogenic substances.

Thus as a consequence, several of the e-cigarette smokers have reported better sense of tastes and smells, better lung functioning following just weeks of their use – gains mostly observed among people who totally ceased the smoking habit.

Undoubtedly, those users who traded tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes yet feed their nicotine-addiction; however the novel habit is by far more healthful.

According to Michael Siegel, Asst. Chairman from Community Health Sciences, Boston Univ., despite the existent nicotine, electronic cigarette is safer as it is sole constituent one is inhaling as compared to the deadly cocktail of nicotine plus thousands of toxic substances, inclusive of forty carcinogenic substances.

Puffing away to Nicotine-less existence

In a perfect world, it would be best if all those who smoked gave up that habit and halted the use of all nicotine-based products. However, nicotine minus tobacco is in the very least, one devil as compared to duo, particularly among those people who smoke and have been unsuccessful in ceasing the habit.

Many users have often seamlessly switched to e-cigarettes. While nicotine gums, patches among others designed to assist a smoker cease the habit have failed more often than not, electronic cigarette users frequently convert more instantly.

Although electronic cigarettes were not initially designed as a means to kick nicotine addiction, several users have commenced employing it in this manner.

The grading of nicotine strengths obtainable to end-users are available in varied levels till nicotine-free which helps to wean the user gradually off nicotine.

FDA-accepted quit smoking tools such as patches have a pre-requisite that the smoker cease the habit, however with e-cigarettes, the analogous practice is done with analogous amounts of draughts kept steady while the  nicotine concentrations are gradually lowered till zilch nicotine cartridges.

Drunkorexia A Risky Trend

With several colleges partaking in a nationwide crusade ‘Fat Talk Free Week’ for raising alertness of the dangers of conversations centring about weight, how fat or thin one is – numbers of drunkorexics are rising at an alarming rate as anorexics or bulimics.

A new-fangled trend ‘Drunkorexia’ has been popping up in celeb babble, blogs, websites and newspapers.

Those counselling such an abuse are placing drunkorexia in the analogous category as that of some eating disorder types since patients are using the analogous form of techniques as anorexics and bulimics do – they’re also mixing it alongside alcohol.

As per description of drunkorexics in trials and online sites it is a person restricting consumption of foods for reserving these calories to consume alcohol & binge drink & noting individuals are more prone to this trend in their college-going years.

According to a latest trial, there has been a sharp rise in binge drinkers in both genders in the last decade.

Several universities are endeavouring at cracking the whip on such behaviourism across the nation with N.Y. Univ. having strictly enforced no-drinking dorm regulations and Univ. of Minnesota exhibiting advertisements for thwarting binge drinkers throughout their campuses.

Thought Process of Drunkorexics

As alcohol is calorie-laden, drunkorexics in an attempt at controlling weight skip meals for drinking to their heart’s content and yet not gaining any weight.

Various ploys for missing meals which are employed include exercising or doing workouts during nights rather than eat meals or consuming a medium-sized meal in the day or in several scenarios forced vomiting prior to going out.

Despite being aware that it is an erroneous practice yet it has become a part for their Saturday-Sunday routine. People engaging in such behaviour successfully manage to stay slim which only tends to encourage others for trying it.

As per information provided by the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDIC), nearly ten million women are afflicted with some kind of eating problem and forty percent of lately spotted anorexics are younger females.

For Male Drunkorexics Monetary Aspect Holds Importance

Even as the NEDIC points out that females are prevalently impacted by eating disorders over 1 million males & boys are battling this sickness daily. Amid binge-drinking among fraternities & the social rules of alcohol on campuses, college-goer men too are controlling weight when also having a ball.

Drunkorexia among males commences with an attempt to optimize degree of inebriation. Empty-stomached alcoholic intake proffers the punch sooner and hitting harder. Monetary aspect is another decisive reason for males and when it comes to deciding in-between consuming dinner or shelling the money on booze, it mostly steers in the path of booze.

Ads about alcohols have certainly influenced people, taking into consideration pervasive ads linked to less costing and low calorie or diet beer brands which are pushing peer groups into trying drunkorexia & several dire measures for controlling increase in weight.

Counsellors are working with women suffering from drunkorexia who basically have developed the habit and a thought process wherein each calorie is counted.

Alongside total avoidance of meals, such drunkorexics also purge. They are into binge drinking followed by binge eating (generally food types rich in sodium and sugars) & then throwing up later on.

Such a trend is detrimental nutritionally and alcoholic intake would be hitting the system more forcefully since there are zilch foods for slackening it down firstly.

Drunkorexia rooted in Addiction

Psychoanalysts point out that the key reason for this trend is addiction. As per NIAAA information there is frequent co-occurrence between drinking & addiction disorder in the existence of several psychiatrical & personality disorder types.

Even though this trend is not a named medical disorder yet physicians are looking at and treating such addictions separately.

Individuals engaged in such behaviours take it quite lightly as though it were a kind of diet trend and they need professional help for overcoming such addiction which if not done timely can turn fatal.

Nutmeg Trip For A Hallucinogenic High

A sprinkling of the innocuous herb nutmeg in eggnogs or a dash over apple pies could be an ideal punch to fiesta desserts. However, the much favoured zing during winters has garnered attention unconventionally as a means to getting high or experiencing a nutmeg trip.

Containing innate compound myristicin which has mind-changing impact, nutmeg on ingestion in huge quantities is capable of buzzing the person for twenty-four to even forty-eight hours, similar to LSD-25 or acid.

Poison centers have lately started receiving a slight rise in calls citing individuals engaging in nutmeg trip via snorting, smoking or eating the spice.

According to medical director, Doctor J. Bernstein from FPICN, nutmeg certainly seems to have become the flavour-of-the-month. He however adds that largely individuals are trying it only on one occasion since a nutmeg trip causes awful side-effects & the reward gained isn’t worth the dangers.

Nutmeg Trip Side Effects

Within around half an hour following intake of huge nutmeg dosage, individuals generally experience acute GI tract irritation causing reactions like feeling nauseous, puking and loose, watery bowels. However, it is simply the start and several hours on getting into a high individual could also experience cardiovascular, nerve issues.

Hence, this is something that individuals have to be quite vigilant about. People having unidentified cardiovascular disease can suffer some problem causing erratic heart rhythms that can have fatal consequences.

Optical, hearing or sensorial hallucinations don’t surface till several hours following ingestion of nutmeg, hence there are even the concerns about a person overdosing as he/she might think that adequate has not been taken since he/she is not feeling a high as yet.

It is rather pervasive among teens to be experimenting with domestic items for getting a high with shattering outcomes.

Lethal Drugs in Homes

Domestic items inclusive of nutmeg, whipped cream canisters, magic marker pens could be causal to seizure attacks, heart damaging effects & also sudden sniffing death syndrome. One moment the person is breathing as he/she abuses the item & subsequently he/she drops dead.

A highly pervasive account heard is about people developing fright or being gobsmacked when experiencing a high after the drug abuse. Among majority of the individuals, there’s a slight augment in cardiac beats, however for such people using such drugs, the heart starts beating wildly & are dying as a result of it.

American Assn. Of Poison Control Centers has revealed information about sixty-seven nutmeg trip cases during this year.

Putting figures into perspective, almost five thousand marijuana calls have been registered in 2010 by the Association. The highly prevalent drug forms for which treatment is offered are legit & proscribed pharmaceutical products, inclusive of analgesics, opioid.

Intoxications using nutmeg were noted in the initial part of the nineties. Several physicians state that the internet has been instrumental is causing the upsurge with scores of individuals who tweet & YouTube about their experiences leading to news travelling quickly and far.

Essentially nutmeg trip is a youngster’s abuse drug as it is inexpensive, easily accessed & mostly legit.

Drug Enforcement Administration & Nutmeg

Presently, the Food and Drug Administration is not planning on regulating nutmeg. The DEA takes into consideration particular factors for substances to be deemed illicit or controlled – like impacts, patterns of usage & drug strength. Since one-time use of nutmeg can cause appalling side-effects people mostly are averse to re-living that experience hence controlling the spice is not seen to have any notable gains.

Parental Alertness

However, physicians state that every parent must be alert about domestic products which could be abused for getting a high like computers dusting items, aerosolized canisters, nutmeg, magic marker pens.

Although round-the-clock monitoring of kids is not possible, yet in case a kid abruptly is becoming withdrawn or is segregating himself from his peers – then it is a red alert sign that such behavioural issues warrant attention.

It is imperative that parents must be cautious about placing such items away from the reach of kids and keeping a close eye on them.

What Is Salvia

By this time, most of you parents would have overheard or spotted the clips of teen Miley Cyrus, tittering, appearing baffled & mixed-up as she purportedly engaged in smoking salvia, a hallucination causing herb.

Those parents who yet do not know what is salvia – here is all the necessary information about it.

What is salvia?

It is perennially found belonging to the large family of aromatic herbs and resident of particular Mexican regions. ‘Salvia divinorum’ is the technical term for salvia, having huge greenish foliage, concave square-like shoots & whitish blossoms. Chewing the fresh folios, drinking the juice post-extraction or smoking the dry folios as joints are diverse ways in which people use salvia. Its consumption through water pipe or vaporization & inhalation is also in trend.

Is Salvia Legit?

It would depend on the location one resides. As per information furnished by the NCSL, regulations have been set in a minimum of twenty-one states to control the substance since four years ago.

For instance, when Miley supposedly used salvia in California, the rule proscribed vending to any person below eighteen years of age. The singer-cum-actress was by then eighteen when that event transpired.

When did salvia firstly rose to fame?

Though the herb has been there since quite some time, however it actually started being actively used 3 years back with mostly youngsters videotaping their acts & posted the recordings online which others then noticed.

How do children & teenagers getting Salvia and its costs?

The herb is extensively vended on the net and even stores which stock up on tobacco-based products could even be carrying salvia. Costs vary and some makers like Online offer starter packs for novices that include one oz. of salvia folios plus duo gm. extracts of duo strengths for forty-three dollars & added costs to ship them. Some firms are selling one gm. containers for eleven dollars alongside shipment & taxes.

Typically who uses Salvia?

There are psychiatrists that have offered counselling to kids who are just ten or twelve & even eight year olds who are using the herb. Typically, the age noted in twelve years onwards through college-going crowd.

Salvia’s effects & span its lasts

The use of salvia causes hallucination making the user giddy, disoriented with the impact lasting for 1-2 hours. At times people have a cocktail of salvia plus other substance like alcohols. A user could become physically uncoordinated alongside an array of reactions experienced like feeling afloat or one is deep within tunnels. Salvia bears significant resemblance to several psychotropic drugs. It could not be deemed as one of the party drugs and essentially users when zonked by the use of salvia are not interacting much with others. Classical scenarios are youngsters using salvia along with a buddy and another pal filming the usage and posting it online.

Can the use of salvia be perilous or habit forming?

This is a matter to be worried about as it is capable of activating opioid receptors in the brains, however differing from those triggered through use of drug heroin. Salvia use is really risky due to its hallucination-causing traits. Hence, one would be unaware of what is about to transpire. Many experts are considering it as a hallucinogenic substance such as magic mushrooms or lysergic acid diethylamide. Salvia has the capability of being habit-forming in the physical & psychological sense.

In case of several consumers, its usage is a stage. In case a youngster is not having any grave kin or personal problems, he/she would characteristically be doing it 1-2 times. However those kids having problems would most probably be adhering it its use alike a bandaging over their issues for de-sensitizing themselves to the pains.

Side-effects linked to the use of salvia comprise of giddiness, lost coordination & slurry verbal communication. Several specialists are yet researching other side-effects like impact on the heart.