Alternative Treatment for Respiratory Diseases: The Effective Essential Oils

A large number of people in the US die due to respiratory diseases; it is the 3rd most common death causing factor in the country. Respiratory disorders might occur due to congestion, asthma and more serious conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and lung cancer. One alternative method used for treating respiratory disorder is aromatherapy, a treatment procedure that involves use of essential oils. The most commonly used
essential oils for easing respiratory problems are:

Eucalyptus oil:

This strong scented native plant of Australia is known for its ability of easing several symptoms related to different forms of respiratory disorders. Individuals suffering from cold and flu can use eucalyptus oil for loosening up the phlegm of lungs; this will help them to flush out the cough more easily. This essential oil contains a therapeutic compound called ‘Eucalyptol’, which can kill the bacteria present in the patient’s throat and lungs and thus prevents occurrence of bacterial bronchitis.

Cedarwood oil:

This essential oil is extracted from red cedar trees. Red cedar trees are native to North America; it grows densely particularly in the region surrounding Rocky Mountains. Using Cedarwood oil helps in reducing the congestion and easing coughs of patients suffering from sinusitis and bronchitis. This herb is widely used as an alternative to expectorants.

Sandalwood oil:

Sandalwood plant is categorized as an evergreen plant; these plants grow mainly in the tropical regions of Asia. One of the specialties of these plants is the multicolored blossoms produced by them. Sandalwood oil is primarily produced in the Asia, particularly India. According to the theories of ayurveda, the essential oil derived from sandalwood trees can relieve disorders like colds, sore throats and laryngitis.

Rosemary oil:

This essential oil is known for its antispasmodic and antiseptic properties, which make it a useful remedy for a number of respiratory problems. Rosemary oil can treat allergies, cough and sore throat effectively. The oil is often prescribed to patients with asthma and bronchitis.