6 Simple Amendments For Longevity

Often thoughts flood our consciousness about what could one do in the present that would help in prolonging one’s life. When shining examples of those around having long existence – often the confounding query nagging many is that ‘what could be the universal thread behind it?

There are, in fact, lots of miniscule variations one could make in one’s lifestyle today that would go a long way in lengthening one’s life. Explicated below are the simple yet immensely beneficial alterations in one’s daily life that are bound to add several years to one’s life.

  1. Merely inculcating the flossing routine into daily routine could increase one’s life span by a year. A well-identified fact is the apparent association in between gum diseases and cardiovascular ailments. When one flosses regularly it is the best step one could take at curbing this onset.
  2. By taking a low-dosage aspirin daily one would be adding 2 whole years to one existing lifespan.
  3. Restricting the consumption of caffeine to just 2 cups daily would be adding another year.
  4. By just keeping tabs on one’s blood pressure on a regular basis would mean adding eighteen months to one’s life.
  5. Adhering to an exercise routine of thrice a week would translate to adding 3 years to one’s life.
  6. Cutting back on working hours to a decent forty to fifty hours per week would help in adding eighteen months to one’s life.