Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcoholism studies accentuate the reality that alcohol poisoning does not essentially arise from any one unwarranted and abusive drinking scenario. Alcohol poisoning could additionally transpire due to regularly and repetitively infusing alcohol into the blood stream

Classical signs of alcohol poisoning

Feeling nauseous and puking are nearly always noted as the foremost symptoms of alcohol poisoning which the body and brain are messaging to the individual indicating alcohol consumption to an extent that the body is incapable of handling.

The signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning comprise of:

  • Person lacks reflexes.
  • Slurry verbal communication.
  • Person does not withdraw even on experiencing pain-causing stimulus, for example when pinched or slapped; the intoxicated person senses no difference.
  • Feeling puzzled, dazed.
  • Difficulty felt when trying to awaken the individual.
  • Unpredictable behaviour.
  • Seizure attacks.
  • Feels quite sick inclusive of lengthy, long-lasting puking.
  • Respiration slows down, becomes shallow or breathing irregularly.
  • Sluggish breathing (lesser than 8 breaths per minute).
  • Low body temperature – a condition known as hypothermia.
  • Bluish tone or paleness noted on the skin.
  • Incapable of making eye-to-eye contact or sustaining a dialogue.
  • Becomes unconscious or passes out.

It is vital to call attention to the fact that signs of alcohol poisoning are not solely felt by those abusing alcohol. On stating in a different way, a person could be experiencing an alcohol over-dosage in case he/she is a drinker or in case he/she is abusing alcohol and is not alcohol-dependent. Moreover, alcohol poisoning could be deemed one of the key signs of alcoholism or it could be viewed as a sign of abusing alcohol, on basis of whether the individual is alcohol-dependent or not. Either ways, the key contemplation is that alcohol poisoning and signs of alcohol poisoning are the consequence of inebriating the body with levels of alcohol far surpassing what it is capable of metabolizing.

Research on the signs of alcohol poisoning, gruesome facts about alcohol poisoning surfaced. Nearly fifty thousand alcohol poisoning cases are accounted for annually in the United States, and around one case weekly, some person in the United States faces fatality due to alcohol poisoning.

Hence, comprehending symptoms and effects of alcohol poisoning and the reasons for a lethal reaction and taking action astutely and aptly in such a scenario by calling on the relevant helpline numbers and requesting for prompt medical assistance could aid in averting a grave alcohol overdose.

The need to learn the different best ways to help an alcoholic becomes more urgent when you yourself have a friend or a loved one who is hooked on alcohol

Pump Implants A Viable Effectual Shingles Treatment

A study conducted has used a novel approach of surgical implantation of a pump used for delivery of shingles medicine to the spinal fluid that aids in allaying the nagging pain that endures in certain patients even after recovery. The study summary was an average undertaken of almost 6 years.

According to the Association for Healthcare Research and Quality, Shingles has been known to infect nearly a million individuals annually in just the United States, with the elderly bracket of 65 years and above more prone to contracting it.

Shingles crop up due to the reactivation of the chicken pox causing virus known as the varicella zoster that leads to sore rashes over the body or the trunk region. In nearly fifteen percent of patients the soreness endures for a period of a month or even more, known as post herpetic neuralgia or post-shingles pain. A shingles vaccination known as Zostavax has been advised by the CDC for particular individuals.

The study helmed by Andrew J. Fabiano, a senior resident doctor along with his associates from the University of Buffalo assessed a set of a lady and four men patients in the average age bracket of 75 years who had post-shingles soreness and had no significant relief from oral pain relieving medicines prescribed for it.

The pump system that was used in the study was already locally available but employed for treatment of several other severe pain situations. During a 45-minute surgery, the small-sized pump was introduced beneath the abdominal skin and was connected by a fine tube inserted within the spine. The medicine would pass through the pump to the tube and get dispersed into the spinal fluid.

A trial was offered to the patients prior to the pump implant by either injection of the pain-reliever medication within the spinal region or by introducing a provisional catheter to transport the medicine for a day or two to ensure the medication effect for the soreness.

Pump Implants – A Viable, Effectual Shingles TreatmentThe quantity of medicine that was carried through the pump was preset and could not be altered by the patients concerned. The medicines that are conveyed through the pump included diverse drugs that at times comprised of morphine.

Though Fabiano concedes to the fact that the study is small-scaled and no comparisons were done with others not introduced with pump to decipher the variations in pain alleviation. All the patients displayed further than fifty percent improvement in pain management with no side-effects. The much followed preliminary treatment is always oral or skin patch (transdermal) medicine administration. Only those patients that found no respite from the oral opioid doses or could not carry on the oral dose due to chronic side effects like feeling drowsy and nauseous, were the best entrants for the pump implants.


MSUD or maple syrup urine disease is a condition that has the potential to cause grave consequences due the manner in which it impinges on the body’s capacity of breaking down three kinds of amino acids namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. The three amino acids when not employed for building protein go through the process of recycling, breaking down and utilised for energy. BCKD or branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase is the team formed by the unison of six proteins that generally break down the three amino acids.

Individuals having MSUD possess a mutation that leads to a paucity of one of the six proteins which constitute the BCKD complex. Hence, their bodies are incapable of breaking down the three amino acids present in their blood stream leading to brisk deterioration of brain cells and fatality in case not treated.

Faults in one of the 6 subunits which constitute the BCKD protein complex could lead to MSUD surfacing. The prevailing flaw occurs due to a mutation in a gene present on chromosome number 19 which sets the alpha sub-element of the BCKD complex – BCKDHA.

MSUD is an autosomally recessive heritable condition wherein an infant would require inheriting a flawed reproduction of the gene from both the parents in order to get MSUD. In case both mother and father are carrying the MSUD gene, then all their kids would bear a twenty-five percent likelihood of developing the disorder and a fifty percent likelihood of being carriers of this disorder.

Symptoms of MSUD:

MSUD is present in a characteristic type and numerous less prevalent types. Each type appears to vary in how severe it is and its typical traits. Yet, all sub forms of the disorder could be due to mutations in any one of the six genes employed for building the BCKD protein complex.

  • A child having this disorder could seem normal subsequent to delivery. However, in 3-4 days time, the symptoms start appearing which comprise of diminished craving for foods, feeling fuzzy and sweet odour urine. The typical odour is the consequence of high levels of amino acids present in the urine due to which the disorder derived its name.
  • In case not treated, the situation generally deteriorates. The child would undergo seizure attacks, enter a state of coma and death could occur in the initial couple of months of its life.
Diagnosis & Tests:

In certain states, all the infants in a span of a day’s time after their delivery undergo screening for MSUD. Blood sample is drawn from the child’s heel for analysis of elevated levels of leucine.

Treatment of MSUD:
  • Treatment generally comprises of dietetic curbing of the three amino acids namely, leucine, isoleucine and valine which has to be commenced quite soon for averting damage to the brain.
  • Infants having the disorder are given a special fortified formulation that has no presence of the three amino acids.
  • Such children when they become adults have to be watchful of their dietetic intake for life long and steer clear from meat products, eggs and nuts.
  • In case elevated levels of the 3 amino acids are detected in the person, then intravenous administration of a solution could assist the body is using up the three amino acids for synthesising protein.
  • Gene therapy additionally appears to be the imminent cure for those having MSUD wherein substitution of the mutated gene with a normal replica facilitates the cells in generating a efficient BCKD protein complex and for breaking down the excessive amino acids.

MSUD is rarely found with one among 1, 80, 000 newly born having MSUD, though in certain populaces it is more prevalent.

Hearing Loss Resolved With Carina Implanted Inside The Head

The Carina Fully Implantable Hearing Device helps treat conductive, sensorineural & mixed hearing loss. It is a device designed to be implanted in the middle ear for bypassing external ear, tympanum & a portion of the trio bones making up the middle ear’s ossicles.

Adults eighteen years or more having moderate to acute hearing loss who seek a totally obscured answer to their problem are targeted candidates for Carina Fully Implantable Hearing Device. Disparate to traditionally used hearing aids that are directing sounds post-amplifying to the drum, the Carina can bypass the external ear & in its place be making contact directly with the middle ear make-up, thus permitting sound amplification in a more innate manner by improving the vibrations of ossicular chain & conveying the augmented sounds via a straight course to the snail-shaped tube, cochlea.

Since the Carina isn’t positioned in the auditory canal, several of the issues linked to hearing aids are purged, inclusive of distorted augmented sounds, occlusion, outer auditory canal infections, discomforting sensations & issues related to wax accumulation.

It is strongly advised that people who are deciding upon using the Carina must ideally have some experience with hearing aid. Also the Carina is devised for grown-ups having medium to acute hearing loss that are dissatisfied with or seek a substitute to hearing aid. Several people experiencing infection or severe irritations of the auditory canal that could not use hearing aid might also be benefited by opting for the Carina.

Otologics is the developer, manufacturer & responsible for implantation of middle ear implants since the last 7 years. The Carina has cleared meticulous European studies & bears the CE-marking. Scientific studies are ongoing in the U.S.

Carina vs. conventional Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are to be donned in the auditory canal devised for detecting sound from the surroundings & amplifying them as per the auditory requirements of individuals which is then passed on to the ear drum which causes its inward-outward movement & stimulating middle ear ossicles. The absence of parts in Carina which need direct insertion into the auditory canal leaves it open and proffers a rather innate & straightforward path of conveying sounds to the cochlea.

Carina is lesser restricting as compared to hearing aids and undetectable which is well-matched with active lifestyles.

Downsides of hearing aids

Occlusion effect is a prevalent bother to those who wear hearing aids wherein their voices would be sounding hollow as though emanating from the base of barrels. In majority of the individuals mild-ranging occlusion is experienced when suffering from colds wherein plugging up of the ear occurs making their voices sounding more loud and non-natural.

Hearing aids at times even produce feedback which is high-pitch screeching/ whistle sounds occurring when sounds already augmented via the hearing aids leak from the auditory canal back to the microphones of the hearing aids. This could arise due to incorrect positioning of hearing aids or when they are not fitting in a secure manner in the auditory canal for maintaining a total sealing which creates undesirable gap amid the hearing aid & auditory canal.

Carina vs. Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant needs implantation of an electrode in the cochlea of the patient which would then stimulate the auditory nerve in a direct manner through electric stimulation. Following electrode insertion in the cochlea, the regular inner ear functioning (receive & process) innate sounds would be limited.

While the Carina offers mechanical stimulus directly to the cochlea though without the need to invade or open the inner ear. Cochlear implants patients would require learning how to interpret electrical stimulation that represent sound whereas in case of Carina the patient would be offered innate sound which doesn’t need any learning.

Carina – Components & Manner of Working

The Carina fully implantable Hearing device has trio components – a pod housing the electronic, mid-ear transducer and microphone whose implantation is done subdermally underneath the ear skin.

Microphone would be picking up the sounds, processing them & sending it to the mid-ear transducer which has a motor driving a tip which makes contact with the middle ear components. Tip movements against the inner make-up would cause the mid ear bone in moving, similar to sound wave causing drum vibration & moving bone make-up of inner ear. Sound processing from this stage onwards is similar to when one hears usually.

During sound-signalling caused activation, the Carina’s tip would move in an in-&-out manner for vibrating ossicles (around one to two micrometer).

The Carina is devised for improving communication & enhancing quality of existence though it wouldn’t be restoring the person’s hearing to a totally innate, non-aided status. It is crucial to bear in mind that outcomes differ & a number of people might experience limited gains.

After implantation of Carina, one does not have to restrict any everyday activities though scenarios like direct contact-sports, some precautionary measures must be taken. Any activity that involves the head being hit must be evaded. In other situations, it might be apt to don headgears for added shielding. Participating in contact-less sport like golfing, sprinting or tennis is allowed after Carina implantation.

What Causes Acne Key Offenders Identified

Presently more than seventeen million zit sufferers abound that are bearing a brunt of a billion dollars annually on the healthcare system & eighty to ninety per cent of teens suffering from it to differing extents. Latest study indicates that not merely what’s superficially slathered on the skin but also what’s eaten has as much significance in what causes acne.

Several have indicated a diet-zit association; however till lately it hasn’t been corroborated in large-scaled scientific trials. Rather, skin specialists continue to give prescription of long-standing antibiotic medicine & Accutane, duo of which might be causal to lasting detrimental effects.

Two years back, a systematically conducted reassessment of twenty-one observational trials & 6 scientific studies uncovered lucid associations. Duo big RCTs noted that individuals having increased consumption of sugars & elevated glycemic load foods (eating too much rice, pastas, breads, sugars, flour items of any type, cereals) were noted to have considerably more zits. Though, the positive news is that dark chocolates do not appear to be acne causative.

The nutritional zit causing offenders – milk, sugar (every blood glucose-augmenting form) is causal to sharp rises in particular zit forming hormones. Milk products tend to boost male sex hormones & shoot up insulin levels which, in concert, help in stimulating the skin for making those abhorrent, mortifying zits. It appears that for several pimple sufferers the resolution to their woes lies at the tips of their forks, rather than prescription pads.

Although what causes acne could not be just zeroed down to excessive dairy, sugar intakes they do have a considerable effect. Dietary deficits and surpluses could easily aggravate pimples.

Eight-Step Plan for Acne Prevention and Treatment
  • Loading up on an array of fruit, veggie varieties have been observed to curb or lessen acne as they have greater antioxidant presences & inflammation-fighting compounds. Hence, ensure getting five to six serves of vibrant coloured fruits & veggies daily.
  • Staying away from milk or reducing its intake.
  • Eating a lesser glycemic load, lesser sugared dietetic intake.
  • Ensure consuming healthful inflammation-combating fats like omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) as well as omega-six fatty acids through evening primrose oil.
  • Particular food types help in rectifying acne like green tea, nuts, fish oil, gingers and food types which are in tones of purples & reds like berry, foods in greens like leafy veggies and eggs from hens fed an omega-3 fortified dietetic intake.
  • Several supplement types are crucial for optimal skin health. It has been observed that amounts of antioxidants are lesser in people who suffer from acne. Also intake of healthful fats could bring about a huge change like:
    • Zinc citrate around thirty milligrams daily.
    • Mixed tocopherols Vitamin E – intake of four hundred international units daily.
    • Evening primrose oil around a thousand to 1,500 milligrams two times daily.
    • Vitamins A (25,000 International Units daily) for 3 months, though unadvisable for expectant mothers.
  • Start intake of probiotics that aid in allaying inflammations like lactobacillus helps in improving acne.
  • Evade foods for which one has sensitivity to. Oftentimes, postponed food allergy is what causes acne commonly – food items such as milk, egg, yeast, gluten are prevalent offenders & could be an issue when people have leaking guts.

Morbid Obesity Effectively Treated With Gastric Pacing

The most up-to-date approach for treating morbid obesity is electronic implants tricking the brains into proffering a false sense of fullness. It has been touted to be a safer, lesser-invasive substitute to gastric bypass or even usual bariatric surgery for treatment of obese individuals who are diabetics & have other co-morbidities.

The new-fangled therapy functions by detection of foods on reaching the stomach & then conveying electric signalling to the brains that tummy fullness has been felt prior to it truly occurring.

Dubbed ‘The Abiliti system’, its basis being the same technology deployed in heart pacemaker devices. Implantation of the mini battery-run titanium pacemaker is done sub-dermally underneath the rib area & taking around one hour & generally an outpatient method. An electrode & victual identification sensor is affixed to the gadget that is implanted within the obese person’s abdominal area through keyhole surgical procedure.

Activation of the device is done after some time having passed by post-surgery, with every device set separately, on the basis of levels of stimulation needed for controlling appetites of patients.

No sooner has the sensor detected foods or beverages, it would be signalling to the tool which would then convey electric impulses to the abdominally-placed electrode that causes vagus nerve stimulation. It would be controlling digestive system movements & assimilation juices being produced. The vagus nerve would then be signalling to the appetite-controlling centre of the brain. Usually, the abdominal wall-located nerve receptors would be notifying the brain whenever fullness is sensed. However the Abiliti system would effectually be speeding up such messaging conveyed. It is also believed to slow down abdominal hormones which usually boost appetites. Patients characteristically would not be sensing any pains when the small currents are given to the stomach or when muscles encasing the trocar location are stimulated and least extent of side-effects have been experienced by entrants.

The gadget has been devised for obese people having body mass index (BMI) in the range of thirty-five to fifty-five or those with morbid obesity. No sooner have these people attained a healthful body mass index lying in the range of 18.5-24.9 then the tool could be turned off or taken out.

A. Sarela from the Nuffield Health Leeds Hosp. is the person pioneering this operative procedure which is being called as gastric pacing. This operative method for tackling morbid obesity is currently obtainable in Sheffield’s BMI Thornbury Hosp. as well as Nuffield and costing amid ten to fifteen thousand dollars & unavailable on the National Health Services.

Gastric pacing has been found to be risk-free & effectual for tackling morbid obesity in studies in Europe when it was conducted on 450 entrants globally. Study indicates that eighty percent of these people who opted for the surgery experienced weight loss subsequent to implanting the device, & sixty percent of the entrants shed ten percent of their weight over a span of twenty-nine months time they were followed up.

6 Simple Amendments For Longevity

Often thoughts flood our consciousness about what could one do in the present that would help in prolonging one’s life. When shining examples of those around having long existence – often the confounding query nagging many is that ‘what could be the universal thread behind it?

There are, in fact, lots of miniscule variations one could make in one’s lifestyle today that would go a long way in lengthening one’s life. Explicated below are the simple yet immensely beneficial alterations in one’s daily life that are bound to add several years to one’s life.

  1. Merely inculcating the flossing routine into daily routine could increase one’s life span by a year. A well-identified fact is the apparent association in between gum diseases and cardiovascular ailments. When one flosses regularly it is the best step one could take at curbing this onset.
  2. By taking a low-dosage aspirin daily one would be adding 2 whole years to one existing lifespan.
  3. Restricting the consumption of caffeine to just 2 cups daily would be adding another year.
  4. By just keeping tabs on one’s blood pressure on a regular basis would mean adding eighteen months to one’s life.
  5. Adhering to an exercise routine of thrice a week would translate to adding 3 years to one’s life.
  6. Cutting back on working hours to a decent forty to fifty hours per week would help in adding eighteen months to one’s life.

Health Fitness Articles

Slimming and having a lean look is what every individual desires. But the hectic schedule and fast paced lifestyle and with the changes in standard of living it is making difficult to lose weight. You will see millions of people trying to lose weight and failing miserably. This is mostly because they have not found the basic elements or key methods to lose weight.

For loosing weight it is important to have a high metabolism rate (A rate which is high in Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Beyonce and many such ladies). This metabolism rate helps to keep you fit and fine and this is the key to lose weight. Slimming can be done effectively and even easily with rising of metabolism rate, teaching the body to burn more calories even while resting and by building muscle mass and elevating heart rate. Five tips to lose weight are:

Don’t Skip Meals:

Well this is the most important which you think to be least effective. Skipping meals will harm the routine rhythm patter of working of your body’s digestion system. When you skip eating, body thinks it might be a while before it will see any food so it goes in preservation mode- it means you will gain cause of it. It so happens that body puts efforts to save fat in body, which it does by lowering metabolism rate and we don’t want that do we?

With Cardio build Muscle Mass:

Slim by adding muscles. Muscle tissue requires more energy and burns more calories then Fats! It’s effective because even when you are resting the muscles burn calories and use energy, so larger the muscles higher the metabolic rate to supply them energy.

Develop largest muscle group but don’t neglect other body:

like legs is the largest muscle group in the body so concentrate on building on them, as they burn largest amount of calories. But in building these, don’t neglect the rest of your body. For good lean and slim look a symmetrical body looks better and naturally healthy.

High protein and Low fat:

Go for quality then quantity. Especially eating of food rich in proteins is most important as proteins helps in formations of muscles and provides nutrition for them to grow. Fats don’t help much. You need to adjust meals accordingly.

Work out- do Cardio:

After building your muscles, do Cardiovascular exercise to strengthen heart and also help boost your metabolism. This is important because an elevated heart rate keeps body burning extra calories and this continues for at least two hours after you finish exercising.

Twelve Commandments for Healthy Eyes

Our eyes are a very important part of our body. In fact it is the mirror of the outside world. However we often tend to neglect our eyes and overexert them. This makes our eyes weak and gives rise to a host of eye related ailments. Therefore it- is imperative to ensure that our eye health is not neglected. There are many ways to keep your eyes healthy and fresh. Here we share some tips for the same.

  • Rose water should be dabbled with cotton pads around your eyes to keep them fresh.
  • Apply castor oil inside the eyelids as it is cooling.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits with fiber, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • You may put crushed raw potatoes with ice on the eyes.
  • Dark lines under the eyes show poor digestion and circulation and lack of sleep and fatigue should be rectified.
  • Mascara should be removed slowly with cotton pad dipped in oil as rough removing often causes wrinkles.
  • You must gently massage below the eyes with almond oil and avoid night creams and moisturizers too close to the eyes to prevent irritation.
  • Cotton dabbled in a decoction of tea leaves helps rejuvenate tired eyes as the tannic acid in the tea has an astringent-like effect that shrinks the swollen tissue around the tired eyes.
  • Kohl pencils kept in the freezer overnight produce neat lines and heavy cream usage around the eyes can cause congestion under the eye tissue.
  • Smoking always causes veins to pop further around the eyes, as under eye skin is thin, hence quit smoking to have healthy eyes.
  • It is important to keep your eye tested regularly and change your glasses according to your changes in vision.
  • Take a break from your computer work every few minutes and close your eyes for few minutes to refresh them at regular intervals.

These twelve tips will surely help you to enjoy good eye sight without suffering from any eye ailments.


Long Term Complications Of Diabetes

Long standing and especially uncontrolled diabetes affects the functioning of blood vessels of all sizes. The inner lining of the arteries (the blood vessels which carry oxygenated blood to the different parts of the body) has the tendency to become thick and rough.  The walls of the arteries also become thick and hard.

The flow of blood becomes sluggish in such arteries and the blood may clot in the lumen of the arteries. This is called thrombosis. The narrowing and blocking of the lumen of the arteries reduces the flow of the blood to different parts of body. However to some extent, this degenerative process in the arteries is part of the natural ageing process.

High blood pressure, smoking habits, lack of exercise, obesity, and an elevated level of certain fats in the blood contribute to this degenerative process. It is very important that a Diabetic should not smoke, reduce the consumption of alcohol, have a diet which is low in fat and salt, avoid junk food and foods high on cholesterol, restrict saturated fats in the diet, restrict the intake of sweet foods and keep a check on his blood pressure and blood sugar levels A protein diet is also very effective to keep diabetes in check.

A diabetic must eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and indulge in physical exercises or outdoor activity to keep his weight in check.

A healthy lifestyle not only limits itself to keeping diabetes in check. It has far reaching benefits and slows down the aging process both internally as well as externally. Hence, it is surely beneficial to lead an active and healthy life and consume proper meals to keep ill health at bay.